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Where have all the mid-range players gone?

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 Hey all,


I started playing a few months back, and I regularly get to 15-10 in ranked.  I took a bit off (~1 week) about 2 weeks ago, and since coming back (and with the new season) I barely made it to 20, and my win loss ratio since has been about 1:10.  My play style hasn't changed much, and I seem to be losing regardless of the opponents deck (I usually run Hunter or Shaman.)

Is it just me, or have a lot of players dropped out of play?  I have yet to play someone in the past ~2 dozen games who doesn't have a well crafted deck with some typical high-level cards (Leeroy or Ragnaros signs of experienced or at least netdecking players . . . remember at level 20.)  I guess it's also possible that the online match algorithm has changed, too.

Did Naxx turn off casual players?  Did high school start mean a lot of high schoolers aren't playing anymore?

I'm not 100% invested in the game at this point, and if the meta is like this to stay, I'll probably stop playing (and I worry about a nasty feedback loop of more and more mid-range players dropping, leaving just the best players and noobs, which will in turn reduce the player base more as noobs just can't get anywhere.)



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The meta is never here to stay. Netdecking, however, is here to stay. Decks rise to the top of popularity, then counters are created and they fall out favour, making way for different decks. The meta will be going through a forced change soon with the nerf to Starving Buzzard and Leeroy Jenkins, which will upset midrange Hunter and miracle Rogue the most.


At this particular point the name of the game is control. There are a few popular non-control decks that are doing well, but a lot of players are realizing the control is simply an easier playstyle. Soon we'll see some other deck that gets people more excited than control and we'll all have to try to find counters to that.

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