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Rputation on DragonIsles

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Hi! i saw many people have reached a good level in many renowns... How can we keep up the renowns after the quest are done (primary and secondary), no world quest left, ...


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You'll gain one level of Renown each time you earn 2500 reputation with one of the four factions. These are:  

Dragonscale Expedition
Maruuk Centaur
Iskaara Tuskarr
Valdrakken Accord

There are plenty of ways to earn reputation in the Dragon Isles so you shouldn't need to go out of your way to start turning it into Renown levels. Here are a few ways you can earn reputation—and by extension, Renown—in


Aiding the Accord weekly quest
World quests 
Weekly dungeon quests
Renown tokens 
Faction events

You may be familiar with most of the methods listed here. Aiding the Accord is similar to the Shaping Fate or Patterns within Patterns weekly quests in Shadowlands and the weekly dungeon quests task you with completing two specific dungeons. Renown tokens are random drops from rares and often found inside treasure chests, and world quests can be found in all the Dragon Isles zones at max level. Faction-specific events, on the other hand, will unlock as you increase your Renown level and offer extra questlines or world quests to increase your reputation further.

While the current Renown cap is set to level 30, this is expected to increase with subsequent patches throughout the expansion.

I hope it will help u

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