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Which class should be my main in WoD?

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Hi guys. Back playing wow after a long break.
I pre-ordered WoD and I'm really excited. 
I have four characters that i play on regularly. I'm doing SoO normal with all of them right now, but I want to focus on only one of them in the beginning of the expansion.
My four favorite classes are;
Enhancement shaman
Frost DK
Survival Hunter
Guardian Druid. 

So, which one do you think will be the most fun in WoD? 
I want to do raiding, but i do like a little pvp on the side. 

Sorry for a stupid question, I'm just having some decision agony about this.

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Fun is subjective. I enjoy playing Warlock and Mage. I switched my Shaman from Elemental to Enhancement because I found the latter more 'fun'.


You have picked two Melee DPS.

A Ranged DPS.

A Tank.


Do you want to Tank or DPS? I'm gonna go with DPS because if you pick Tank then you only have one option.


Do you want to be Melee or Ranged? 


All 3 of the DPS classes you listed look ok going into WoD, though as always it's too early to tell until the dust settles.


Hunters are going to be a VERY strong choice in WoD. They are fully mobile, and bring a new raid cooldown called Aspect of the Fox which allows the entire raid to cast whilst moving for a limited time.


DK's are getting some love with their new talents fleshing out their kit somewhat (at least Frost looks less bland), and Enhancement is relatively unchanged, though they too get some new toys.


Only you can decide what you want to play.

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Liquid nailed it.  What you find fun is a totally subjective thing.  Only you can answer this question.  I suggest going on a SoO run with each of your characters, and then reflecting on which you had the most fun on afterwards!  Whichever one you enjoyed the most, play it for WoD.


Blizzard has done a really good job of balancing the classes.  Although it's not and never will be a perfect balance, the point is that all classes/specs are viable in a raid environment when played properly.

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While it is true that what you find fun is subjective, there is this other issue that Mages are amazing and rock harder than Soul Sister Dance Revolution.


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If I were to make that choice I would probably go with the Frost DK.

but I am not you. just analyse what class you enjoy playing most. if you really can't decide:


eenie meenie minie moe


the only other tip I can give you is to simply start a new class or respec an old class to something else. this has always been very helpful to me when I couldnt decide what to main.

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