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Garrosh 10man N Empowered WC

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The group I am raiding with is having, what I have heard,  is an unusual issue.  We are able to deal with the MC (mind control) just fine not sure we've ever let more than the first two get MC'd. We are really struggling with the purple swirls and the minions that spawn from them. 


A few of us (me included) have expressed that the purple swirls (not the desecrated weapon) are doing tons of damage even before the minions even spawn.  I know on a few attempts that I've died before being able to move away from the swirl.  Two of us are cloth wearing Locks, and the other person that as had issue is Hunter.   It getting a bit frustrating that we keep dying here as we've all heard the MC is where most groups wipe and the swirls are supposed to be the easy part. 


In my research before posting this my thinking is that we're to close to Garrosh during WC as the tanks still have in towards the middle of the room still.   If we can spread out more we might survive this phase. 


If you have any advice or tips for me that I could take back to the group it would be much appreciated. 

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The purple swirls you are seeing on the ground are just marks that show where each add will spawn.  If you are standing in one of the purple swirls when the add pops out of it, you will take quite a bit of damage.  For this reason, it's suggested that you always keep moving during Emp. whirling corruption.  That way, there is no danger of taking damage from this.  The damage from the actual whirling is already intense, so taking extra damage from a swirl will likely kill you.  If you are avoiding these swirls and are still dying, then it's probably a healer issue.  However, to help them out, just run away from Garrosh when the whirling starts.  The damage is DRAMATICALLY reduced if you stand far away from Garrosh.  Even if nobody gets hit by a purple swirl, as I said, the damage is still intense.  You should be planning your healing cooldowns carefully.  Proper use of healing cooldowns is probably the biggest deciding factor if you are going to kill this boss.  Plan it so you have AT LEAST one major raid cooldown for every empowered whirling (Devo/Healing Tide/Tranquility).  


I have engaged Garrosh probably over 500 times since SoO was released, and although I have seen some bugs with this encounter, damage from the purple swirls before the adds come out isn't one of them.  If people are taking damage from that, they are failing to move out of the swirl before the add spawns (you have plenty of time to do so).  The MC's are the main thing that wipe LFR/Flex groups because there is no communication and it's pretty much everyone for themselves.  For guild groups that are in vent and communicating, the MCs are very trivial, and probably the easiest part of the encounter.  


So, here is what you say to people dying during whirling corruption:


1.) Get as far away from Garrosh as possible during the whirling corruption, while still being in range of healers.  THIS INCLUDES MELEE; THEY ARE NOT EXEMPT! If they expect to stay in melee range of Garrosh during an Empowered whirling, they better have a near-immunity up (Monks with diffuse magic, rogues with cloak of shadows, DKs with AMS).  If they don't have a CD up, they should be running away from Garrosh. Remember that, and address it with your melee.


2.) NEVER STOP MOVING during an Empowered whirling until the final add has spawned.


3.) Pop a personal cooldown/healthstone!


4.) If they are obeying these three things and still dying, then you have yourself a lack of healing or a lack of raid cool-down planning. Your healers should be coordinating when they are using their raid CD's. 


I really doubt that this is an actual bug you are experiencing.  However, if you are doing everything listed above perfectly and the damage is still unreasonably high, ticket a GM.  I have never heard of a bug like this, but it's possible.  It would't be the first bug I have seen on Garrosh.


TL;DR= During whirling corruption.....never stop moving, get at least 30 yards from Garrosh, and pop a personal.  Are you already doing these three things? Then it's a healing issue.  Plan raid cooldowns; your healers should know the exact point in the fight that they will use their raid CDs.

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thank you very much for your response.  


i will suggest to the raid leaders that we DPS should move further away during WC and keep moving a bit more.   after all the research and video watching i did on this fight that was the only thing i could come up with so hearing you confirm that really help.


Thanks again.  



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