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MM Hunter Weapons Help

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My boyfriend is brand new to WoW and has a MM Hunter. He's been leveling only and made it to lvl 49 but hasn't gotten any better weapon drops in a VERY long time. I'm trying to either hunt down a good bow for him and find out what dps rate he should have by now on his weapon. His current is a crossbow with 24-37 damage, 3.00 speed and 10.2 dps. Dungeons queues are super long so he hasn't felt like waiting for one. 

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so as long as your boyfriend is not at max level it doesnt matter which weapon he has, just look in the dungeon journal for weapons and go kill bosses that drop weapons for him.


once at max item level his best weapon comes from the raid, 

other weapons from dungeons/leatherworking/engeneering are fine too. doesnt matter which, he can pick which ever he likes

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