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H Seigecrafter advice please

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So we have been on SC for about 3 weeks now and its starting to eat away at everyones skin. We have tried 3 different strats(including killing mines strat, killin missle strat, and different placements) What yields the most success for you guys?

we have been using our boomy to solo the first belt then the hunter and mage goes. then hunter boomy. etc...


Our comp is: BM tank. Prot pally. Resto sham. Resto Druid. Udk. Boomy. Mage. 2 destro locks. surv hunter.


Whats the best strat for our Comp? Who should be on belts?

Thankyou :D

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Make the boomkin & hunter do every single belt. That helps, also i'd say kill missile turrets since you guys only have 1 melee. Cleaving the mines shouldn't be problem, mage is awesome for slows & stuns. Shamans also do nicely and use the rest of your deeps to burst em down, warlocks are very strong in that point. 


That is basicly our tactic, and we have 2 melee :/

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Hi guys. I'll just use this thread and ask for general tips regarding my own group. We've also reached Siegecrafter and he's causing us some trouble, mainly due to tons of mechanics going towards us. 

Our group has:

Pally and DK tanks.

Disci and Resto shammy heals.

Boomkin, Elemental, Warlock, Windwalker and 2x hunters. As we have two hunters I just skipped the part that boomkin can aswell get to belt w/o a debuff. (I play the boomkin myself). I've found myself really usefull at controlling mines.

We have just a few (<40) wipes on this, but some general tips could work. What's causing us trouble:

1. Movement. We're using movement from Warcraft Academy guide 

and it seems to work, we just need to get things done smoothly I guess. We're getting cut, blown or burnt due to mistakes we make, but as we continue trying we make noticeably less mistakes. However we're having problems with electro magnet, it seems to be cutting our raid, and we can't get to the side in time.

2. Adds. Our tanks seem to have some problems with the add (mostly the first one). But this is rarely the case, so I guess they just fail to do something because lack of fight experience.

3. Belt. This is probably where most of our wipes come from. As one fail at the belt equals wipe. One of the hunts (583ilvl) is able to solo the first belt w/o a problem, but on every other belt they go as a team of two. Now that i come to think of it, belt failures come to lack of experience on hc belt (and disengage trick). 


However I'd be happy to hear any suggestions to simplify the fight :) 

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First Add our tanks drag away from the boss and tank it on the blade that comes out first before the whole raid moves to the leftmost stack point. With the first stack or 2 of the overcharged debuff and the blade the tank should have no trouble with the first add then it should be gg from there.


After that its: sawblades left, fire back and move in front of fire on first colour then right a marker on 2nd fire etc.


Make sure that tanks and dps are specced onto aoe slows and stuns for the crawler mines and drill it into the dps heads mines > Boss!.


The belt group will just have to practice to get it right, there is no real 2 ways about it.


With the disc/resto combo the only real heals "intensive" parts are the electromagnets phases. You have Spirit shell for both and you can barrier one and spirit link the other. You also have hybrid cooldowns for here aswell in case one of you gets locked on.


- Blade left

- lazer back

- move right


Calling these on vent has burned it into my brain! So simple yet so easy for fails.


The disc priest can spectral guise the blade so that it doesnt happen if they are quick enough. Be wary about guising the lazer as it will not target the priest but will retarget someone else immediately so thats not advised.


Its is one of the first real "Hard" heroics of the tier that involves executing mechanics properly. Even sub 5% hp dps keep killing the mines and the tanks with their debuffs and vengeance will take care of the boss. nothing worse thaan getting boss to 5% and dps tunnel next thing the dps have hugged 2 mines and an overload happens and next thing you know everyone is dead.


happy killing :)

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