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WW Monk DPS Help!

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Am I just a hot mess? I feel that I could be doing so, so much better. I've definitely improved from where I was (95k sustained on LFR SoO was what I was doing before I started researching and going through past posts here, old parser logs of fights, etc). 


I think that I have to be more mindful of the Tiger Power falling off. Also, that I should use Chi brew more- but I'm not sure when to use it. 


Wowlog  and armory


Thank you for helping me!

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Well more gear is definitely going to help. If you are  comparing yourself to others keep in mind their ilvls. Ilvl isn't everything, but it is something. You also don't have very strong trinkets or the Meta/Cloak so that will make is more difficult. And yes you are correct, don't let Tiger Power fall off. Use it if it procs and make/find a weak aura or something that works for you to easily track it.


As for Chi Brew, I usually use both charges right at the start of the fight to give myself a burst, after that it is a use when necessary. Ususally the only time I use both charges at the same time is at the beginning or at Hero/Lust. Otherwise I use it to get to 10 stacks of Tiger's Eye Brew (TEB), especially when I get a trinket proc. My personal preference on trinkets is Haromm's from Shamans and Ticking Ebon Detonator from Siegecrafter Blackfuse. If you get one of those trinkets you will want to track when they proc. It is nice to keep one available charge of Chi Brew so you can use it when a proc happens.


Make sure you have enough haste to make yourself comfortable. You don't want to be energy starved all the time.


From a quick peek at your logs it looks like you are doing the right stuff. Jab when you need chi, TP to get the debuff, RDK on cooldown, BOK or FoF otherwise.


I think with some practice and a better feel for the rotation you will be just fine, as well as getting more gear. Use your rolls on weapons and trinkets. WW can be exponential. Its about popping the right things at the right time. We are definitely not bursty like an enhancement shaman, for example.


Good Luck!

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