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Hello all,


   I have been reading this forum for awhile now. After reading the stickies on improving, I still believe I could be doing better. I was wanting some feedback from the provided logs and armory link.







Thanks in advance.

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Looking at this log: which is your 6:48 kill of Heroic Sha of Pride.


1.  DotT uptimes are fine.  99,99, and 94% are fine.  If anything, get UA to as close to 99% as possible.


2.  Haunt uptime is awful - 39% means you're underutilizing your Soul Shards.  You got 45 Shadow Trance procs for 45 additional Soul Shards.  If you started with 4, that means you had 49 to use.  You used Soulburn 13 times, which is absurdly high.  Soulburn should NOT be the primary application of DoTs on a single target fight.  Even with 13 Soulburns, you only cast Haunt 20 times leaving 16 Soul Shards unaccounted for. look at this window.  You had 4 Soul Shards from 2:45 until 4:00 in the fight.  This is a very large gameplay mistake.


3. this graph shows your Haunt casts at the top and your procs below.  You're blindly casting Haunt when it doesn't benefit you and not having Soul Shards to cast it when it would benefit you.  Sometimes you do it well - others, you do not. 


4. This shows your Agony casts in relationship to your procs.  You're double casting Agony in places with no procs and not refreshing when you do have a proc.


5.  A similar problem detailed in point 4 exists with Unstable Affliction and Corruption.  Your sense of snapshotting is very poor.


To summarize...


Quit casting Soulburn to apply DoTs to single targets.  Use Haunt.  Snapshot appropriately.


Good news for you - in WoD, your snapshotting struggles will disappear, so your damage will go up just by playing the same way you do now.  However, your damage will suffer immensely as a high portion of your damage will come from Haunt and the debuff applied.  Get better at Haunt immediately.

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First thing - enchant your bloody chest!


You've had it longer than the armoury activity feed lets me go back to, and you're missing the +80 stats enchant. Not really the best start is it? On a side not, 25 Gastropod meals provided is pretty impressive.


Secondly, you should check out this little website called AskMrRobot. It will reforge your gear properly for you. I'm not sure if you are Affliction or Demonology main spec, so I can't tell if you're aiming for a particular haste breakpoint.


Regardless, you have way too much hit and can optimise it either way. Your gemming is all over the place and I can't find a breakpoint for Demonology around your current allocation. For Affliction you should definitely gain a bit more Mastery in favour of Haste, even with a full Mastery set up you will still retain over 14k haste.


I'm not going to look at the logs because Zagam just replied.

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