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WoD Beta Keys Trivia Quiz - Alliance Cities

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For our second quiz, we chose questions pertaining to Alliance Cities (Horde Cities will be featured tomorrow).

Before anything, here is a reminder of the rules.

  • To reply to a question, you need to write the number of the question, followed by a fullstop, a space, and the answer itself, without typo. For example, if "Stormwind" is the answer to the question number 5, then "5. Stormwind" is the answer you should give.
  • We will run an automated script to find the winners, so typos will not be counted as proper answers.
  • You can reply to multiple questions, but you need to do so in separate posts.
  • Posts that have been edited will be disqualified.
  • If you made a typo, then make a new post.
  • Vlad and I are the only ones who know the questions and answers, so everyone else who works on the website can enter the contest.
Now, the questions.
  • 1. What is the name of the NPC located in the deepest chamber of the crypt beneath The Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind City?
  • 2. Whose statue stands at the entrance of Stormwind Keep?
  • 3. The ending of which legendary quest chain takes place over the skies of Stormwind City?
  • 4. How many major areas is the outer ring of Ironforge divded in?
  • 5. Which Cataclysm dungeon closely resembled the interior of Ironforge?
  • 6. What is the name of the skeleton that hangs outside the entrance of the Library in the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge?
  • 7. In which Alliance capital can you find more than one faction leader?
  • 8. What fishing achievement (requiring you to fish up a rare fish) can you complete in the Forlorn Cavern in Ironforge?
  • 9. Who is the Dark Iron Representative found in The High Seat in Ironforge?
  • 10. What is the name of the tree which houses the city of Darnassus?
  • 11. Which is the only Alliance capital not to have traveling food vendors?
  • 12. Before the Cataclysm, which famous Druid (and later raid boss in Firelands) resided in Darnassus?
  • 13. The Bought of the Eternals, which houses the bank of Darnassus, contains which animal shapes?
  • 14. To which raid instance was the Exodar acting as a satellite?
  • 15. What NPC is located in the lowest point of the Seat of the Naaru in Exodar?
  • 16. What critters can be found in many areas of Exodar?
  • 17. How many entrances does Exodar have?
  • 18. What is the name of the instance located in Stormwind City?
  • 19. What does Farmer Wollerton grow on his farm in the Stormwind City Outskirts?
  • 20. Who is the innkeeper of the Gilded Rose inn in Stormwind City?
All questions have been properly answered, come back tomorrow for more questions and more beta keys!

For those who asked, here are the answers:

  • 1. Acolyte Porena
  • 2. Varian Wrynn
  • 3. Dragonwrath or Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest
  • 4. 4
  • 5. Grim Batol
  • 6. Pteradon or Pteradon Skeleton
  • 7. Stormwind City or Stormwind
  • 8. Old Ironjaw
  • 9. Moira Thaurissan or Moira Bronzebeard
  • 10. Teldrassil
  • 11. Exodar
  • 12. Fandral Staghelm
  • 13. Bear and bird
  • 14. Tempest Keep
  • 15. O'ros
  • 16. Mice and Moths
  • 17. 2
  • 18. Stormwind Stockades
  • 19. Pumpkins
  • 20. Innkeeper Allison

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