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Suggestion for FFXIV page of icyveins

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I’d like to make a suggestion for the part of icyveins that is home to the Final Fantasy XIV information on classes and rotations

I love playing XIV with a controller, but sometimes I just don’t have a good idea what the best setup for controller buttons is, and besides confusing videos on YouTube, or advice here or there, I would love to see them add a page for each class with a suggested setup for controller Cross bars, where more experienced players can give helpful insight on what may work for 


and here for an example is MY setup I prefer for Machinst, it is basically the standard setup for how you earn abilities as you level up, but allows for some changes based on your preferred play style 

I would really love a section like that in icyveins to help less experienced players or even players that, like me, I have a hard time focusing on a video that has a long explanation, visual tips I feel are more easy to understand and use 


Thank you for your time.



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Hi there! Many thanks for reaching out. I passed on your feedback to the people handling the section to consider it.


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