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Another log analysis thread, if you all would be so kind.

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Sadly my guild doesn't really do heroics but I try to maximize my performances regardless.  First let me apologize for not providing you with advanced logging, I can re-do it this week if you need it.


Chose to log Juggernaut since on normal it's just stand and nuke.






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Looking at your armory.


You can use Sac as it's a better gain than sup.


Looking at your logs:


Immolate uptime is good.


Using DS with PBI procs. That's good.




You're casting CBs within your procs pretty well.


Your opener is a little odd.


Casted two incinerates then your first CB. Maybe you just had really good crit RNG


Capped embers twice very briefly, so that's good as well.


You didn't use your second pot!

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I'm sup at the moment just for soloing Cata stuff.  I run sac for sure.  How would you suggest the opener?  All ears!


Well the only reason I mentioned it was because it's rare to see just 2 incinerates allow you to hit 2 embers. 


Just for reference:



Precast incinerate




Incin till two embers


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