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WoD Beta Keys Trivia Quiz - Dungeons and Raids

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For our seventh quiz, we chose questions pertaining to Dungeons and Raids.

Before anything, here is a reminder of the rules.

  • To reply to a question, you need to write the number of the question, followed by a fullstop, a space, and the answer itself, without typo. For example, if "Stormwind" is the answer to the question number 5, then "5. Stormwind" is the answer you should give.
  • We will run an automated script to find the winners, so typos will not be counted as proper answers.
  • You can reply to multiple questions, but you need to do so in separate posts.
  • Posts that have been edited will be disqualified.
  • If you made a typo, then make a new post.
  • Vlad and I are the only ones who know the questions and answers, so everyone else who works on the website can enter the contest.
Now, the questions.
  • 1. Who assigned Watchkeeper Gargolmar to his duties in Hellfire Ramparts?
  • 2. Who is the final boss of the Violet Hold dungeon?
  • 3. Taran Zhu was under the control of which sha in the Shado-Pan Monastery dungeon?
  • 4. Which Dragon Soul boss was enslaved, in lore, by Al'Akir?
  • 5. In the Culling of Stratholme, who was asked by Prince Arthas to cull the city, but refused (and subsequently left Arthas)?
  • 6. Gruul the Dragonkiller was the father of how many gronn?
  • 7. What was Archimonde trying to destroy when he was killed, at the end of the Battle for Mount Hyjal?
  • 8. Kalec (the half-elf identity of Kalecgos) is whose lover?
  • 9. Which Old God is responsible for the corruption of Cho'gall?
  • 10. In The Escape from Durnholde Keep who do the players help escape from the dungeons of the keep?
  • 11. Which one of the four Spirit Kings in Mogu'shan Vaults was unknown to Lorewalker Cho?
  • 12. What is the name of King Ymiron's clan?
  • 13. Who had famously been imprisoned in the final room of the Grim Batol dungeon (where players fight Erudax)?
  • 14. Skar'this the Heretic is a friendly quest giver in the Slave Pens. What race is he?
  • 15. What race are the three princes of the Blood Prince Council in Icecrown Citadel?
  • 16. Who created the Dark Animus?
  • 17. Which Elemental Lord are players protecting during the fight against Ozumat in the Throne of the Tides?
  • 18. The Shade of Aran is a boss in Karazhan. He is the spirit of whose father?
  • 19. Which Terrace of Endless Spring boss, once defeated, gives players some help in defeating the Sha of Fear?
  • 20. Who ruled the Black Temple before Illidan took control of it?
All of the questions have now been properly answered. Come back on Friday for another quiz, with even better prizes.

Here are the answers.

  • 1. Kargath Bladefist
  • 2. Cyanigosa
  • 3. The Sha of Hatred / Sha of Hatred
  • 4. Hagara the Stormbinder / Hagara
  • 5. Uther the Lightbringer / Uther
  • 6. 7
  • 7. Nordrassil / The World Tree
  • 8. Jaina Proudmoore / Jaina
  • 9. C'Thun
  • 10. Thrall
  • 11. Meng the Demented
  • 12. The Dragonflayer Clan
  • 13. Alexstrasza
  • 14. Naga
  • 15. Darkfallen
  • 16. Archritualist Kelada
  • 17. Neptulon
  • 18. Medivh
  • 19. Lei Shi
  • 20. Magtheridon

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