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Why lariat ? 2 pcs are really underestimated

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Hi ,thank you for reading this .

Well almost everything is in the title !  When choosing embellishment  , one day some people started to say lariat neck neck neck , this choice was good at the time , stats proc , what could be better ?  Well the 2 pcs , I looked for what people say and ....people follow icyveins , raiderbot and other guides so most people don't even think about it and that might be wrong now that we are no longer limited on sparks . 


2 pcs chronocloth tailor set vs the Neck proc is what 551 for 12 sec .  if you trust wowhead the set is 221 hast and that's no good right ?WoWScrnShot_020323_001018.thumb.jpg.22225d3e0f8eae2fb6c07eb98fba0d75.jpg


Yeah but but proc procS because lariat approximately 2 proc per minute from what I see here  . so two times per minute while the 2 pcs is like once every two minutes . lariat win ?  hum .... 551 at random 2 times per minute for 12 sec  Or 3224  for 20 sec  with a counter you can check to know if you keep cd or not AND the 2pcs proc a tiny bit more than advertised .     


On papper that would say 1102 for 12 sec and would be 2204stat for 12 sec every  a 2 minute . even added like that and not ignoring the fact that there is 4 procs it's kinda weaker no ? yeah , it's one 1 ! you can equip two crafted , yet you can't equip two larriat .

Now , imagine you play 2 pcs , you can see when you'll have enough hast to perfect almost every bursts with the proc on the buff bar , you only have that ,not 2 ; only this effect !. yet this effect have something fun to it ... when you rain hell on foe while buffed you kinda end up with 0 stacks ( this would be broken if you could stack during ^^ )but somehow stacks catch up to your buffed time when you could not proc .

now think of PI / lust or proc hast .... somehow it procs even more !You can proc almost every minute on special occasions  or like every 1minute 45 . the only negative effect is when you're above 100% hast if you proc/pi or lust at the same time you'll be kinda too fast ( For me) 



I'm not a pro player / math Genius or anything but how is this completely ignored when it is this good ? I can already see mdi tanks knowing when to do a huge pull with that ... 


If you have tried a 2 pcs , this one or another what did / do you think ?  


Thank you 


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