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Diablo 4 Beta Date Likely to Be Announced Today

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While a select few have been playing the Diablo 4 endgame beta for a while now, the actual open beta for the rest of us has been very elusive, and with around 3 months to go until the game's release, it's about time it showed up! Luckily we're most likely finding out the open beta date today, as part of the IGN Fan Fest event.

Teased by franchise director Rod Ferguson, Diablo 4 will be present in the event at 10:AM PT/7:00PM CET today, Saturday February 18th, and we're pretty certain to get the date.

Now all that's left if to speculate on when exactly the date will be. Since the announce is coming in the EU evening it seems very unlikely to go live this weekend, but the next one might be a possibility. Then again we might be looking at a date much closer to the June 6th release date, so we'll just have to wait until later today to find out!

Here's a trailer for the event and where to watch today.

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    • By Starym
      Well, it seems Sanctuary is not going down without a fight! After Diablo 4's Early Access Beta ended around an hour ago, some (all?) players that were still in the game were not kicked out and were able to continue playing!

      I found myself in this position as well, and initially assumed it was another World Boss daylight savings time mishap, but after running around for a while I noticed I could not move to another section of the map, as the rubberbanding/loading was infinite and I could not push through. "Well, I guess the servers are coming down soon then" I thought, but it's been around 40 minutes since then and the game is still very much playable. Well, sort of. You can't really leave whichever part of the map you were in when the Beta ended, which in my case meant I can't go into town, and after a few deaths in an event (which still pop up normally from time to time), well, my character sort of... left.

      Yep, that's me, right there getting hit by the big werewolf, except I'm entirely invisible - and not because of a game mechanic either.

      I also encountered other players that were stuck in my zone and we've been pretty much waiting on one of the public events to respawn and then doing that since the Beta ended, still getting loot, XP and even levels!

      It's been a fun little extra bit of time with the Beta, but with a fully invisible character, stuck in that one zone, I think it may be time to move on. But I'm sure many will stay in for as long as they can, just to see how long it takes for Blizzard to kick us all out. As for playing the actually full Beta again, we'll all have to wait until next weekend to get back in, and this time get to try out 2 more classes!

    • By Staff
      Our Diablo 4 guide section has been updated with the best leveling builds for the upcoming Beta testing!
      Early Access ends soon and our team of writers have thoroughly tested all available classes to bring you best leveling builds for next week's Beta test, which starts on March 24.
      Barbarian Leveling Guides for Diablo 4 Beta
      Hammer of the Ancients Leveling Build Rend and Rupture Leveling Build Druid Leveling Guides for Diablo 4 Beta
      To be added... Necromancer Leveling Guides for Diablo 4 Beta
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      Twisting Blades Leveling Build Rapid Fire Leveling Build Sorcerer Leveling Guides for Diablo 4 Beta
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    • By Staff
      Blizzard have posted another update talking about the status of the current Diablo 4 Early Access Beta, listing some top priority issues the team is working on.
      Update (Source)
      Hello everyone -
      We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to the Early Access Beta weekend. We love seeing the excitement about the story, music, art, gameplay, and more. These beta tests are important for the development process as we march toward the launch of Diablo IV in June and the reporting and feedback from players is invaluable.
      Please see below an update on the situation regarding queues and some of the items the team is tracking and actively working on to resolve.
      Players are sometimes unable to join a party with other players while in-game. Players that are dropped from a game receive an error that their party does not exist. Rubberbanding occurring with players while transitioning between zones. High RAM and GPU usage occurring on select hardware. While the team tackles these specific items and more, we are also managing the flow of players in-game via our queue. Many players have successfully logged in to the game, but we are aware that some have experienced longer than expected wait times. As we continue to rollout improvements to our server stability, we expect our players to see continued improvements to the queue time.
      While the teams continue to work this evening and overnight, we will be providing additional updates throughout the evening when needed and no later than tomorrow morning (PDT) here on our forums.
      Thank you again for helping us as we bring Diablo IV to the world.
    • By Starym
      Unique items are a higher tier than legendaries in Diablo 4, and we've only seen one drop in the entirety of the Beta so far, and it comes from everyone's favorite boss, the Butcher! Well, not everyone's favorite, as hardcore players have been having a very rough time with the red one as he just comes in and they have no real chance of escaping.
      The Butcher himself is a boss that randomly appears in any of Diablo 4's dungeons, chases down the player and leaves either when he kills them or after too much time has passed in the fight. If you do manage to kill him, you might see the probably only unique in the Beta, however: the Butcher's Cleaver (which is not a guaranteed drop), as spotted by ZERGq!

      There will be plenty more uniques, and while this particular one doesn't seem that powerful (or does it, in PvP?), they're supposed to be some of the best items out there in the full release.
      Here's a video of a kill (not the one with the unique drop, however):
      And a less successful encounter (which is probably more like what happened to most players):
      Personally I almost got him the first time he ambushed me, as I was NOT expecting it and got a little confused as he chased me down half the dungeon.
      It's great to see both the iconic weapon and boss make a return, especially in this way that's very reminiscent of the terror he caused back in Diablo 1, as many players remember him much more clearly then Diablo himself. Hopefully other uniques have as much favor as this one, although they won't have their own personal specific bosses they drop from.
    • By Starym
      Here's another very handy map that shows off all the aspects (aka legendary powers) you can get for your codex from each dungeon in the Diablo 4 beta! While you can see which aspect comes from which dungeon in the actual game itself, it can be annoying to hover over each and every one looking for one for your class, so Gilldan went ahead and marked all of them and listed which class can get their aspect in which dungeon!
      First off there's the dungeons and their numbering, so we know what the numbers are referring to:

      And then there's the actual aspects by class (as well as the neutrals) and where to find them:

      And if you want it all in one (slightly more difficult to read) image, here you go:

      And while the Early Access Beta ends today, the open one arrives next weekend so keep this handy for next time as well!
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