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An Overview of Class Changes in Patch 10.0.7 Build 48076

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In case you've missed them, here's a recap of all class changes that went live in Patch 10.0.7 Build 48076 on the PTR.

Death Knight


  • Harbinger of Doom Harbinger of Doom - Sudden Doom triggers 30% more often and, can accumulate up to 2 charges, and increases the damage of your next Death Coil by 20% or Epidemic by 10%.
  • Defile Defile If any enemies are standing in the Defile, it grows in size and deals increasing damage every sec. Every sec, if any enemies are standing in the Defile, it grows in size, dealing increased damage, and increasing your Mastery by 1%, up to 8% damage.
  • Defile Defile is no longer a choice node with Unholy Pact Unholy Pact and has replaced Pestilent Pustules Pestilent Pustules in the specialization tree.
  • Ruptured Viscera Ruptured Viscera When your ghouls expire, they explode in viscera dealing [ 10.6% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to nearby enemies. When your ghouls expire, they explode in viscera dealing [ 11.6% of Attack Power ] Shadow damage to nearby enemies. Each explosion has a 25% chance to apply Festering Wounds to enemies hit. 
  • Feasting Strikes Feasting Strikes - Festering Strike has a 15% chance to generate 1 Rune and grant Runic Corruption.
  • Commander of the Dead Commander of the Dead now applies to any summoned ghoul or gargoyle, regardless of their distance from you.

Demon Hunter



PvP Talents

  • Reverse Magic Reverse Magic's triggers the backlash effects from dispelled debuffs.



  • Stellar Flare Stellar Flare - Burns the target for [ 12.5% of Spell Power ] Astral damage, and then an additional [ 105% of Spell Power ] damage over 24 sec. If dispelled, causes [ 280% of Spell Power ] damage to the dispeller and blast them upwards.


PvP Talents

  • Star Burst Star Burst - Starfall calls down collapsing stars that last 15 sec. Enemies that come into contact with a star cause it to burst, knocking nearby enemies upwards and dealing [ 280% of Spell Power ] Astral damage. Generates 0 15 Astral Power.



  • Ouroboros Ouroboros For each ally healed by Emerald Blossom or Dream Breath gain a stack of Ouroboros, increasing your next Echo's direct healing by 15%, stacking up to 20 times. Casting Echo grants one stack of Ouroboros, increasing the healing of your next Emerald Blossom by 15%, stacking up to 10 times.

PvP Talents

  • Rewind Rewind now heals for 100% more while in Arenas with 5 or less allies.





  • Enveloping Breath renamed to Empowered Celestial Empowered Celestial and changed.  While active, Yu'lon and Chi'Ji heal up to 6 nearby targets with Enveloping Breath when you cast Enveloping Mist, healing for [ 162% of Spell Power ] over 6 sec, and increasing the healing they receive from you by 10%. When activated, Yu'lon and Chi'Ji apply Chi Cocoons to 5 targets within 0 to 40 yds, absorbing [ 10% of Total Health ] damage for 10 sec.


  • Inner Peace Inner Peace - Increases maximum Energy by 10 30Tiger Palm damage increased by 10%.
  • Rising Star Rising Star - Rising Sun Kick damage increased by 10% and critical strike damage increased by 10%.
  • Faeline Harmony Faeline Harmony - Your abilities reset Faeline Stomp 100% more often. Enemies and allies hit by Faeline Stomp are affected by Fae Exposure, increasing your damage and healing against them by 8% 10% for 10 sec.

PvP Talents


The Paladin class tree has been updated with new talents and some nodes have been reshuffled.

  • Divine Shield Divine Shield - Grants immunity to all damage and, harmful effects, knockbacks and forced movement effects for 8 sec.
  • Cleanse CleanseTurn Evil Turn Evil, and Obduracy Obduracy are now on row 2.
  • Fist of Justice Fist of Justice moved to row 4.
  • Seal of Might Seal of Might and Seal of Alacrity Seal of Alacrity have been moved to row 8.
  • Holy Avenger Holy AvengerSanctified Wrath Sanctified WrathSeraphim SeraphimHallowed Ground Hallowed GroundAspiration of Divinity Aspiration of DivinitySeal of Charity Seal of Charity, and Seal of Reprisal Seal of Reprisal have been removed from the Paladin class tree.
  • Justification Justification (new talent) added. Judgment's damage is increased by 10%.
  • Punishment Punishment (new talent) added. Successfully interrupting an enemy with Rebuke casts an extra Crusader Strike.
  • Lightforged Blessing Lightforged Blessing (new talent) added. Divine Storm heals you and up to 0 nearby allies for 5% of maximum health.
  • Crusader's Reprieve Crusader's Reprieve (new talent) added. Your Crusader Strike and auto-attack range is increased by 3 yds and using Crusader Strike heals you for 2% of your maximum health.
  • Faith's Armor Faith's Armor was added to the Paladin class tree. World of Glory (Retribution) / Shield of the Righteous (Holy, Protection) grants 20% bonus armor for 4.5 seconds.
  • Sanctified Plates Sanctified Plates (new talent) added. Armor increased by 20%, Stamina increased by 10% and damage taken from area of effect attacks reduced by 10%.
  • Strength of Conviction Strength of Conviction was moved to the class tree. While in your Consecration, your Shield of the Righteous and Word of Glory have 10% increased damage and healing.
  • Seal of Might Seal of Might During Avenging Wrath, your Mastery is increased by 4%. Mastery increased by 2% and Intellect increased by 2%.
  • Seal of Alacrity Seal of Alacrity - Haste increased by 2% and Judgment cooldown reduced by 0.5 sec.
  • Seal of the Crusader Seal of the Crusader - Your attacks have a chance to cause your target to take 3% increased Holy damage for 5 sec. Your auto attacks deal [ 10% of Attack Power ] additional Holy damage.
  • Quickened Invocation Quickened Invocation Cooldown of Seraphim is reduced by 5 sec and Divine Toll by 15 sec. Divine Toll's cooldown is reduced by 15 sec.
  • Judgment of Light Judgment of Light - Judgment causes the next 25 5 successful attacks against the target to heal the attacker for [ 3.5% 17.5% of Spell Power ].
  • Seal of Mercy Seal of Mercy is now a 1-point node.
  • Of Dusk and Dawn Of Dusk and Dawn When you reach 5 Holy Power, you gain Blessing of Dawn. When you reach 0 Holy Power, you gain Blessing of Dusk. When you cast 3 Holy Power generating abilities, you gain Blessing of Dawn. When you consume Blessing of Dawn, you gain Blessing of Dusk.
    • Blessing of Dawn - Damage and healing increased by 5% for 20 sec. Your next Holy Power spending ability deals 20% additional increased damage and healing. This effect stacks.
    • Blessing of Dusk - Damage taken reduced by 4% 5% for 10 20 sec.
  • Fading Light Fading Light (new talent) added. Blessing of Dawn increases the damage and healing of your next Holy Power spending ability by an additional 10%. Blessing of Dusk causes your Holy Power generating abilities to also grant an absorb shield for 20% of damage or healing dealt.
  • Seal of Order Seal of Order In the Dawn, your Holy Power-spending abilities deal 8% increased damage and healing. In the Dusk, your armor is increased by 10% and your Holy Power generating abilities cool down 10% faster. Blessing of Dawn increases the damage and healing of your next Holy Power spending ability by an additional 10%. Blessing of Dusk increases your armor by 10% and your Holy Power generating abilities cool down 10% faster.
  • Seal of the Templar Seal of the Templar has been removed and baked into Crusader Aura Crusader Aura.
  • Recompense Recompense can no longer critically strike.
  • Seasoned Warhorse Seasoned Warhorse - Increases the duration of Divine Steed by 1 2 sec.
  • The global cooldown on Divine Steed Divine Steed removed and lasts 4 seconds now (up from 3).



  • Judgment of Light Judgment of Light - Judgment causes the next 25 5 successful attacks against the target to heal the attacker for [ 3.5% [ 17.5% of Spell Power ].
  • Righteous Protector Righteous Protector is now a 1-rank node that reduces cooldown of Avenging Wrath and Guardian of the Ancient Kings by 3 seconds (up from 1.5 per point).
  • Faith's Armor Faith's Armor and Strength of Conviction Strength of Conviction have been moved to the Paladin class tree.
  • Seal of Reprisal Seal of Reprisal moved to the Protection talent tree from the Paladin class tree.
  • Seal of Reprisal Seal of Reprisal - Your Crusader Strike deals 10% 20% increased damage.
  • Seal of Charity Seal of Charity (new talent) added. When you cast Word of Glory on someone other than yourself, you are also healed for 50% of the amount healed.
  • Resolute Defender Resolute Defender is now a 2-point node. Reduces cooldown on Ardent Defender and Divine Shield by 1/2 seconds.
  • Inmost Light Inmost Light (new talent) added. Eye of Tyr deals 300% increased damage and has 25% reduced cooldown.
  • Improved Lay on Hands Improved Lay on Hands was replaced with Tirion's Devotion Tirion's Devotion.


The Retribution specialization tree received massive changes in the latest 10.0.7 build. Many talents have not been implemented yet.

  • Justicar's Vengeance Justicar's Vengeance now costs 3 Holy Power (was 2).
  • Crusade Crusade - Call upon the Light and begin a crusade, increasing your haste by 3% for 25 35 sec.
  • Divine Protection Divine Protection is now baseline for Retribution Paladins.
  • Blessing of Freedom Blessing of Freedom is now the starting talent for Retribution.
  • Swift Justice Swift Justice (new talent) added. Reduces the cooldown of Judgment by 2 sec and Crusader Strike by 2 sec.
  • Light of Justice Light of Justice (new talent) added. Reduces the cooldown of Blade of Justice by 2 sec.
  • Improved Blade of Justice Improved Blade of Justice (new talent) added. Blade of Justice now has 2 charges.
  • Light's Celerity Light's Celerity (new talent) added. Flash of Light casts instantly, its healing done is increased by 50%, but it now has a 6 sec cooldown.
  • Guided Prayer Guided Prayer (new talent) added. When your health is brought below 25%, you instantly cast a free Word of Glory at 100% effectiveness on yourself. Cannot occur more than once every 60 sec.
  • Unbound Freedom Unbound Freedom (new talent) added. Blessing of Freedom increases movement speed by 30%, and you gain Blessing of Freedom when cast on a friendly target.
  • Righteous Cause Righteous Cause (new talent) added. Templar's Verdict, Final Verdict and Justicar's Vengeance have a 25% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice.
  • Jurisdiction Jurisdiction (new talent) added. Final Verdict and Blade of Justice deal 10% increased damage. The range of Final Verdict and Blade of Justice is increased to 20 yards.
  • Judgment of Justice Judgment of Justice (new talent) added. Judgment deals 10% increased damage, increases your movement speed by 10% for 5 sec and slows enemies by 30% for 15 sec.
  • Zealot's Fervor Zealot's Fervor (new talent) added. Auto-attack speed increased by 20%.
  • Improved Judgment Improved Judgment (new talent) added. Judgment now has 2 charges.
  • Boundless Judgment Boundless Judgment (new talent) added. Judgment generates 1 additional Holy Power.
  • Teachings of the Light Teachings of the Light (new talent) added. Versatility increased by 2% and Judgment cooldown reduced by 0.5 sec.
  • Inquisitor's Ire Inquisitor's Ire (new talent) added. Every 3 sec, gain 5% increased damage to your next Divine Storm, stacking up to 10 times.
  • Blade of Vengeance Blade of Vengeance (new talent) added. Blade of Justice now hits nearby enemies for [ 181.25% of Attack Power ] Physical damage. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.
  • Crusading Strikes Crusading Strikes (new talent) added. Crusader Strike replaces your auto-attacks.
  • Blessed Hammers Blessed Hammers (new talent) added. Throws a Blessed Hammer every second for 5 seconds that spirals outward, dealing [ 11% of Attack Power ] Holystrike damage to enemies. Generates 1 Holy Power per Blessed Hammer. (Instant, 20 sec cooldown)
  • Heart of the Crusader Heart of the Crusader (new talent) added. Crusader Strike and auto-attacks deal 10% increased damage and have a 10% increased critical strike chance.
  • Blessed Champion Blessed Champion (new talent) added. Crusader Strike hits an additional 2 targets for 85% damage.
  • Divine Hammer Divine Hammer (new talent) added. Divine Hammers spin around you, damaging enemies within 8 yds for [ 84% of Attack Power ] Holy damage over 9 sec. Generates 1 Holy Power. (Instant, 20 sec cooldown)
  • Adjudication Adjudication (new talent) added. Critical strike chance increased by 2%, Hammer of Wrath has a 5% increased critical strike chance and deals 10% increased critical strike damage.
  • Aegis of Protection Aegis of Protection (new talent) added. Divine Protection reduces damage you take by an additional 10% and Shield of Vengeance protects you from 30% more damage.
  • Swift Retribution Swift Retribution (new talent) added. Haste increased by 2%. Blade of Justice and Hammer of Wrath cooldown reduced by 1 sec.
  • Blades of Light Blades of Light (new talent) added. Crusader Strike, Judgment and Hammer of Wrath now deal Holystrike damage.
  • Highlord's Judgment Highlord's Judgment (new talent) added. Judgment causes targets to take increased damage from your next 2 Holy Power abilities.
  • Holy Crusader Holy Crusader (new talent) added. Blade of Justice and Expurgation now deal Holystrike (Physical and Holy) damage.
  • Burning Crusade Burning Crusade (new talent) added. Blade of Justice and Expurgation now deal Radiant (Fire and Holy) damage.
  • Penitence Penitence (new talent) added. Increases the damage of your periodic effects by 15/30%. 2 ranks.
  • Commanding Judgment Commanding Judgment (new talent) added. Judgment hits an additional 2 targets for 85% damage.
  • Divine Auxiliary Divine Auxiliary (new talent) added. Final Reckoning and Execution Sentence grant 3 Holy Power.
  • Seething Flames Seething Flames (new talent) added. Wake of Ashes now causes you to lash out 3 times for 3s1, [ 40% of Attack Power ], and 3s1 Radiant damage. Deals significantly reduced damage to secondary targets.
  • Physical Presence Physical Presence (new talent) added. All Physical damage you deal is increased by 20%.
  • Searing Light Searing Light (new talent) added. Fire damage dealt increased by 10%.
  • Expurgation Expurgation - Your Blade of Justice causes the target to burn for 60% 70% of the damage dealt over 6 sec.
  • Art of War Art of War - Your auto attacks have a 16% 24% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice.
  • Final Verdict Final Verdict - Unleashes a powerful weapon strike that deals [ 136.5% of Attack Power ] Holy damage to an enemy target. Final Verdict has a 10% 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Hammer of Wrath and make it usable on any target, regardless of their health. Range increased to 12 yards (was 10).
  • Avenging Wrath: Might Avenging Wrath: Might now has a 1 minute cooldown (was 2 minutes).
  • Crusade Crusade - Call upon the Light and begin a crusade, increasing your haste by 3% for 25 35 sec.
  • Sanctify Sanctify - Enemies hit by Divine Storm take 100% 25% more damage from Consecration and Divine Hammers for 8 12 sec. (thanks to Valkemen)
  • Consecrated Blade Consecrated Blade - Blade of Justice has a 33% 40% chance to cast Consecration at the target's location.
  • Vanguard's Momentum Vanguard's Momentum Hammer of Wrath has 1 extra charge and increases Holy damage done by 2% for 10 sec, stacking 3 times. Hammer of Wrath has 1 extra charge, deals 10% increased damage, and on enemies below 20% health generates 1 additional Holy Power.
  • Wake of Ashes Wake of Ashes cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 45).
  • Executioner's Will Executioner's Will now applies to Final Reckoning Final Reckoning.
  • Truth's Wake Truth's Wake now also causes Wake of Ashes to burn the target for an additional 10% damage over 6 seconds.

Here's a visual preview of the new Paladin class and Retribution spec trees.




  • Divine Image Divine Image - When you use a Holy Word spell, you summon an image of a Naaru at your side. For 15 9 sec, whenever you cast a healing or damaging spell, the Naaru will cast a similar spell. The spell now triggers from all Holy Word casts.
  • Blizzard also planned the following changes to Spell Name that didn't go live on the 10.0.7 PTR this week.
    • Lightwell Lightwell healing increased by 50%. Cooldown decreased to 2 minutes (down from 3). Spell is now instant cast (was 0.5 seconds).
  • Afterlife Afterlife and Divine Ascension Divine Ascension increase the range of Cosmic Ripple Cosmic Ripple, Divine Hymn Divine Hymn, and Symbol of Hope Symbol of Hope.



PvP Talents

  • Living Tide Living Tide - Healing Tide Totem's cooldown is reduced by 60 sec and it heals for 30% 25% more each time it pulses.


  • Summon Soulkeeper Summon Soulkeeper - Summons a Soulkeeper that consumes all Tormented Souls you've collected, blasting nearby enemies for [ 3.86% 5.72% of Spell Power ] Chaos damage per soul consumed over 8 sec. Deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets and only one Soulkeeper can be active at a time. You collect Tormented Souls from each target you kill and occasionally escaped souls you previously collected.
  • Fear Fear - When Fear ends, the target is slowed by 15% 30% for 4 sec.
  • Inquisitor's Gaze Inquisitor's Gaze now deals 270% more damage.
  • Desperate Pact Desperate PactGreater Banish Greater BanishGorefiend's Resolve Gorefiend's Resolve have been removed from the class tree.
  • Sargerei Technique Sargerei Technique (new talent) added in place of Lifeblood.
    • Affliction: Shadow Bolt and Drain Soul damage increased by 8/15%.
    • Demonology: Shadow Bolt damage increased by 8/15%.
    • Destruction: Incinerate damage increased by 5/10%.
  • Socrethar's Guile Socrethar's Guile (new talent) added in place of Accrued Vitality.
    • Affliction: Agony damage increased by 8/15%.
    • Demonology: Wild Imp damage increased by 10/20%.
    • Destruction: Immolate damage increased by 10/20%.
  • Lifeblood Lifeblood moved to Nightmare Nightmare's location.
  • Nightmare Nightmare was moved to Gorefiend's Resolve Gorefiend's Resolve's position and is now a rank 1 talent.
  • Horrify Horrify (new talent) added as a choice node against Nightmare Nightmare. Your Fear causes the target to tremble in place instead of fleeing in fear.


  • Summon Darkglare Summon Darkglare - The Darkglare will serve you for 20 sec, blasting its target for [ 32% [ 54.78% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage, increased by 10% 25% for every damage over time effect you have active on any their current target.
  • Writhe in Agony Writhe in Agony - Agony's damage starts at 2 4 stacks and may now ramp up to 14 18 stacks. The spell moved to row 3 in the tree and is now a rank 1 node.
  • Xavian Teachings Xavian Teachings has been removed from the Affliction tree and is now baseline.
  • Harvester of Souls Harvester of Souls has been removed from the Affliction tree.
  • Dark Virtuosity Dark Virtuosity (new talent) added to row 4. Shadow Bolt and Drain Soul deal an additional 15/30% damage.
  • Kindled Malice Kindled Malice (new talent) added to row 4. Malefic Rapture and Seed of Corruption deal an additional 8% damage.


  • Reign of Tyranny Reign of Tyranny now has an additional effect. Demonic Tyrant deals 50% additional damage.
  • Pact of the Imp Mother Pact of the Imp Mother - Hand of Gul'dan has a 5/10% 8/15% chance to cast a second time on your target for free.
  • Immutable Hatred Immutable Hatred (new talent) added as a choice node against Guillotine Guillotine. When your primary Felguard’s Legion Strike damages only 1 target, its damage is increased by 120%. Your primary Felguard deals Physical damage after auto-attacking the same enemy 3 consecutive times.
  • Hounds of War Hounds of War has been removed from the Demonology tree.
  • Umbral Blaze Umbral Blaze (new talent) added, replacing Hounds of War. Hand of Gul'dan has a 8% chance to burn its target for [ 48.02% of Spell Power ] additional Shadowflame damage every 2 sec for 6 sec.
  • Guillotine Guillotine - Your Felguard hurls his axe towards the target location, erupting when it lands and dealing [ 12.5% 37.5% of Spell Power ] Shadowflame damage every 1 sec for 8 6 sec to nearby enemies. While unarmed, your Felguard's basic attacks deal damage to all nearby enemies and attacks 50% faster.
  • Stolen Power Stolen Power - When your Wild Imps cast Fel Firebolt, you gain an application of Stolen Power. After you reach 75 100 applications, your next Demonbolt deals 60% increased damage or your next Shadow Bolt deals 60% increased damage.


  • Havoc Havoc - Marks a target with Havoc for 12 sec, causing your single target spells to also strike the Havoc victim for 60% of normal initial damage the damage dealt.
  • Burn to Ashes Burn to Ashes stacks to 6 times (change didn't go live on the PTR yet).

PvP Talents

  • Bane of Havoc Bane of Havoc Mayhem: Your single target spells have a 25% chance to curse the ground with a demonic bane, causing all of your single target spells to also strike targets marked with the bane for 60% of the damage dealt. Lasts 5 sec.

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How is there no Ele shaman buffs? Wtf is up with blizzard. I just did 9 nokhuds with my buddy demo lock and he was destroying me on boss dmg and he’s only a few ilvls above me. Before some warlock main tells me to play better I’am doing pretty close to what I sim for on single target.

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10 hours ago, MiNiGiANT said:

Righteous ProtectorRighteous Protector - Holy Power abilities reduce the remaining cooldown on Avenging Wrath and Guardian of Ancient Kings by [ 5 [ 10 / 10 * 3.1 ] sec.


So it was 6 sec and now 3sec?

It was a 2-point node that provided a cooldown reduction of 1.5 sec per point, now it's 3 seconds and a 1-point node.

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dude why the hell is blizzard buffing warlock and monk? They are already completely overpowered in arena and everybody is using combat rotation bots with kick bot. amazing.... and holy priest is absolute dog *filtered* right now, what kind of buff is that supposed to be?

Nerf dpriest,  rdruid, rshaman,  ele shaman, arms warrior, every warlock spec, every mage spec and every monk spec needs to be nerfed into the ground as well.

What the hell is blizzard doing. Just nerf damage across the board and buff healing it's really that simple.

Edited by WoWsucks2023

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      Melee DPS Tier List
      Based on 3,134 runs, ranging in difficulty from +20 to +28. 
      S-Tier: Havoc Demon Hunter (196.33)  A-Tier: Subtlety Rogue (194.73) Enhancement Shaman (191.76) Feral Druid (191.61) B-Tier: Fury Warrior (189.56)  Outlaw Rogue (189.21) Retribution Paladin (188.64) Windwalker Monk (188.44) Arms Warrior (186.89) C-Tier: Unholy Death Knight (184.31)  F-Tier: Assassination Rogue (134.96) Frost Death Knight (87.89) Survival Hunter (21.89)
      Ranged DPS Tier List
      Based on 2,639 runs, ranging in difficulty from +20 to +27. 
      S-Tier: Shadow Priest (196.02) A-Tier: Balance Druid (193.14) Fire Mage (192.99) B-Tier: Destruction Warlock (190.26) Beast Mastery Hunter (189.09) Elemental Shaman (187.37) C-Tier: Frost Mage (184.48) D-Tier: Marksmanship Hunter (181.15) Demonology Warlock (181.10) Devastation Evoker (179.66) Arcane Mage (177.83) F-Tier: Affliction Warlock (128.65)
    • By Stan
      A funny "Too Hot to Handle" reference has been discovered in Zaralek Cavern in Patch 10.1.
      When you target and /kiss Fyrakk in Zaralek Cavern, you will receive the Too Hot to Handle debuff and suffer Fire damage for 10 seconds. The buff doesn't stack, so when you kiss Fyrakk multiple times, only the duration is refreshed to 10 seconds.
      Too Hot to Handle - Are you blushing, or is it just the 1 Fire damage being dealt every 1 sec?
      The "Too Hot to Handle" reference was discovered by MrGM. Fyrakk is one of the Incarnates that escaped after Raszageth's defeat.

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