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Totem Useage

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Is there a list of sugguestions for totems usage. For example what totems are normally used for leveling, dungeons, and PVP.  I know each is situational but for players just starting is there a basic set for each until they get more experience.

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    • By Cryopier
      The updated Icefury build suggests that Totem Mastery is taken.  However, nowhere in the priority whatsoever is it used.  It is, however, used in the Ascendance build.
      That being said, why would you pass on two talents of which you will actually include in your priority to take a talent for an ability you will not?  Or is there any error in the priority?  Is it worth casting?  And where at in the priority?
      Thank you.
    • By Darkseeker83
      Trying out the Thijs TGT Totem Shaman   Shaman has always been a tricky class - not being viewed in the same league as Warrior, Hunter, Mage, etc. I heard great things about this deck. Apparently Thijs (a great pro player) had lots of wins with this deck on his stream. Time to give it a try! Commentary included. Does it live up to the hype? Can it beat the usual top constructed classes?
    • By Vomitory
      I looked through the forums a little bit to see if anyone else had posted anything about this, but I'm curious. Would Cloudburst Totem and Healing Stream Totem simultaneously (Healing Tide Totem when able to line it up in an emergency, even) be beneficial?
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