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[Glyph of Blocking] vs Shield Slam's DR cap dmg(WOTLK CLASSIC)

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Hi there.

On your 2 pages you list that [Glyph of Blocking] can take [Shield Slam]'s damage over the DR cap.

Has this been actually verified and tested ? There's been a lot of debate about this in the past.

Could some one test 1960 block value with no glyph of blocking vs 1960 block value with glyph of blocking on 80lvl dummy to see the dmg difference ? Potentially this should be about 150-200 dmg difference, if the above is true.

Thank you




Glyph of Blocking - This glyph acts as both an offensive and defensive choice, increasing your Block Value by 10% after using Shield Slam. This buff will essentially be permanent as it lasts 10 seconds, while Shield Slam is only a 6-second cooldown. It is also worth noting that this glyph bypasses the Block Value cap on Shield Slam, allowing you to deal even more damage with the spell.


Shield Slam - Deals high damage to the target, increased by your Block value, and very high threat. Also dispels a magic buff on the target. Shield Slam has a cap on the amount of Block value that can increase the damage it deals.
Luckily, this block value cap can be bypassed by both Glyph of Blocking and Shield Block, so you can still deal massive damage with Shield Slam. This Block value cap only applies to Shield Slam; BV has no cap on reducing damage taken.

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