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Patch 10.0.7 PTR Development Notes: March 8th

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Here come this week's 10.0.7 PTR notes, featuring another round of class tuning, with the usual Paladin focus, as well as some profession, UI and PvP improvements.

Blizzard LogoDev Notes (Source)

Here are the changes that you can find in this week’s 10.0.7 PTR update:


    • Guardian
      • Thorns of Iron is now affected by the Guardian Druid specialization passive, and its damage values have been adjusted accordingly.
        • Developers’ note: This is a net neutral change to the Thorns of Iron ability.
      • Fixed an issue that was causing Bristling Fur’s global cooldown to not be reduced by Haste.
      • Fixed an issue that was causing Circle of Life and Death to incorrectly reduce Pulverize’s duration.
    • Preservation
      • When Lifebind is applied through a lower value Echo with Temporal Anomaly, its healing value is reduced to match the value of the Echo.
      • When Golden Hour is applied through a lower value Echo with Temporal Anomaly, its healing value is reduced to match the value of the Echo.
    • Beast Mastery
      • Cobra Shot damage increased by 50%. Does not apply to PvP combat.
      • Kill Command damage increased by 10% (was 25%).
      • Barbed Shot damage increased by 12% (was 25%). Does not apply to PvP combat.
      • Kill Cleave now transfers 60% of Kill Command’s damage (was 50%).
    • Of Dusk and Dawn has been redesigned – When you cast 3 Holy power generating ability, you gain Blessing of Dawn. When you consume Blessing of Dawn, you gain Blessing of Dust.
      • Blessing of Dawn has been redesigned – Your next Holy Power spending ability deals 20% additional increased damage or healing (10% for Retribution specialization). This effect stacks 2 times.
    • Divine Purpose proc chance reduced to 10% (was 15%) and bonus damage reduced to 10% for Retribution Paladin only (was 15%).
    • Blinding Light will now be removed from the target if they suffer Holy damage. Consecration damage will continue to not break Blinding Light. Tooltip will be updated at a later time.
    • Unbound Freedom is now located on the class tree for Retribution and Protection specializations only.
    • Healing Hands is now a shared node with Afterimage for Retribution specialization only.
    • Holy
      • Afterimage’s Holy Power tracking now has a cap of 39 Holy Power.
    • Protection
      • Fixed an issue that caused Divine Resonance to sometimes interrupt players’ casts.
      • Fixed an issue that was causing the Consecration debuff to fade from targets prematurely.
    • Retribution
      • Improved Crusader Strike is now granted when choosing Retribution specialization.
      • New Talent: Crusading Strike – Crusader Strike replaces your auto-attacks and generates 1 Holy Power every 2 attacks.
      • New Talent: Heart of the Crusader – Crusader Strike and auto-attacks deal 10% increased damage and have a 10% increased critical strike damage.
      • New Talent: Blessed Champion – Crusader Strike and Judgment hit an additional 2 targets for 60% damage . 2 ranks.
      • New Talent: Divine Retribution – Haste increased by 2% and Divine Storm and Blade of Justice deal 5% increased critical strike damage.
      • New Talent: Holy Crusader – Blade of Justice and Expurgation now deal Holystrike damage.
      • New Talent: Commanding Judgment – Judgment hits an additional 2 targets for 50% damage. 2 ranks.
      • New Talent: Divine Arbiter – Abilities that deal Holystrike damage deal 10% increased damage and your abilities that deal Holystrike damage grant you a stack of Divine Arbiter. At 25 stacks your next damaging single target Holy Power ability causes Holystrike damage to your primary target and Holystrike damage to enemies within 6 yards (was 50 stacks).
      • New Talent: Vanguard of Justice – Your damaging Holy Power abilities cost 1 additional Holy Power and deal 25% increased damage (was 33%).
      • New Talent: Templar Strikes - A 2 part combo that deals increased damage with each strike. If you successfully cast the second part of the combo within the time limit the second strike has a 100% increased critical strike chance.
        • Templar Strike slashes an enemy for Radiant damage. You have 3 seconds to continue the combo with Templar Slash.
        • Templar Slash strikes an enemy for Radiant damage and has a 100% increased chance to critically strike.
      • Expurgation has been adjusted – Your Blade of Justice causes the target to burn for 70% of the damage dealt over 6 seconds.
      • Art of War has been adjusted – Your auto-attacks and Crusader Strike have a 20% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice (was 15%).
      • Wake of Ashes damage reduced by 18% and its cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds).
      • Justicar’s Vengeance now heals for 6% of your maximum health instead of healing based off damage dealt.
      • Justicar’s Vengeance now deals 25% increased damage to stunned targets (was 50%).
      • Final Reckoning now lasts 10 seconds (was 9 seconds), and now causes your target to take 30% bonus damage from your next Holy Power ability.
      • Final Reckoning damage reduced by 4.5% (was 13%).
      • Execution Sentence now causes 20% of the damage you deal to be added to Execution Sentence (was 10%).
      • Crusading Strikes now generates 1 Holy Power every 2 attacks (was every attack).
      • Empyrean Power now causes Crusading Strikes to have a 5% chance to make your next Divine Storm free. Divine Storm damage bonus reduced to 15% (was 25%).
    • Dispel Magic now costs 2% of base Mana (was 1.6%).


  • Dragonriding traits can now be refunded by using right click.
  • Dragonriding traits no longer require a confirmation to unlock.


    • Beast Mastery
      • Piercing Fangs now has 40% reduced effectiveness in PvP combat.
    • Divine Protection no longer reduces damage by an additional 10% in PvP combat.
    • Protection
      • Flash of Light no longer deals increased healing in PvP combat (was 15%).
    • Retribution
      • Law and Order (PvP Talent) has been removed.
      • Flash of Light no longer deals increased healing in PvP combat (was 15%).
      • Final Verdict no longer deals increased damage in PvP combat (was 10%).
      • Templar’s Verdict no longer deals increased damage in PvP combat (was 10%).
      • Blade of Justice no longer deals increased damage in PvP combat (was 20%).
      • Crusader Strike no longer deals increased damage in PvP Ccombat (was 80%).
      • Healing Hands effectiveness reduced by 50% in PvP combat (was 30%).


  • Legion Rank 3 Shoulder recipes originally sourced from Rated Battlegrounds can now be purchased from PvP quartermasters in your faction’s hub in Dalaran at a cost of 3 Marks of Honor.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrect difficulty for recrafting order with changed optional reagents.
    • Added text log output when filling Crafting Orders.


  • The Revival Catalyst now displays how many charges you have stored.
  • The chat command button now has arrows for menu items that have flyouts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Raid Self Highlight setting didn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where calendar invites were still displaying after the player removed or reported it.
  • Fixed issues with inaccurately displayed Rogue combo points and Arcane Mage charges.

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