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How to Obtain the Onyx Annulet Ring in Patch 10.0.7 (Guide)

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The Onyx Annulet is a new Best-in-Slot ring coming in Patch 10.0.7. In the following guide, we're looking at how to obtain it and how it works.

UPDATE: Ion today said the ring will be an upgrade for pretty much everyone when Patch 10.0.7 launches, but Mythic raiders and other high-end players will eventually replace it with Mythic Aberrus trinkets in Patch 10.1. You can find a full recap of the Q&A here.

How to Get the Onyx Annulet

You must first finish the Forbidden Reach intro quests. They start in Valdrakken, where you must talk to Kazra at the Seat of Aspects and fly to the Forbidden Reach up to the point where you save Jeb and Tacha and meet them at the entrance to Zskera Vaults, The quest is named Exploring Our Past.


The follow-up quest Zskera Vault: Az requires you to explore the vault for the very first time.


Pathfinder Tacha will give you a quest named The Keys You Need and you'll receive your first 6 Zskera Vault Key Zskera Vault Keys. The keys come from completing content in the Forbidden Reach and are used to open doors in the Vault.


The main reason why you will run Zskera Vaults for rewards is the Onyx Annulet Onyx Annulet and Primordial Stones. At first, the number of keys will be limited, but as you gain more keys, you will be able to complete puzzles and progress through many doors.

Zskera Vaults are on a weekly reset and Zskera Vault Keys are BoA, so you can funnel them to your main if you have Level 70 alts.

To enter the Zskera Vaults, you must talk to Pathfinder Jeb.


When you first enter a vault, you must secure it by killing the NPC in the center.


On the ground during your first run, you will find an Unusual Ring, which starts a quest for the Onyx Annulet Onyx Annulet.


Anyway, back to Zskera Vaults. You will reach a room with many doors and multiple floors as you go down. The ground floor consists of 6 doors, each requiring 1 Zskera Vault Key to open.



However, you can climb a web rope to reach more floors.


The Vault has 3 floors each containing 8 doors. Each door contains an Elite NPC that must be defeated or a puzzle that you solve by opening other doors. The door can also contain chests with various rewards including Primordial Stones that you socket into the Onyx Annulet Onyx Annulet.


Your goal is to farm vault keys to open as many doors as possible every week.

Back to the Onyx Annulet Onyx Annulet! Now that you've been teleported out of the vault, return to Morquet Village to turn in the quest at Researcher Imareth.


For the follow-up quest Primordial Embellishment, you must collect Primordial Anvil Primordial Anvil and Primordial Jeweler's Kit Primordial Jeweler's Kit from the Zskera Vaults.

Primordial Stones in Patch 10.0.7

The game contains 25 `Primordial Stones with varying effects. You can socket 3 into the Onyx Annulet ring.

  • Cold Frost Stone Cold Frost Stone Gain a Frost shield every 20 sec that absorbs 21,670 damage and slows melee attackers by 15% for 5 sec.
  • Deluging Water Stone Deluging Water Stone - Abilities have a chance to drench a nearby ally, healing them for 26,004 over 6 sec.
  • Desirous Blood Stone Desirous Blood Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to drain life, dealing 12,127 Shadow damage and healing you for that amount.
  • Echoing Thunder Stone Echoing Thunder Stone - Moving builds an electrical charge, causing your next damaging ability to also deal 14,437 Nature damage.
  • Entropic Fel Stone Entropic Fel Stone - Fire damage dealt by Primordial Stones is increased by 60% and is now Chaos damage.
  • Exuding Steam Stone Exuding Steam Stone - Receiving heals has a chance to exude steam, restoring 12,039 health to yourself and 2 nearby allies.
  • Flame Licked Stone Flame Licked Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to set the enemy on fire, dealing 17,325 Fire damage over 7 sec.
  • Freezing Ice Stone Freezing Ice Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to chill the enemy, dealing 16,171 Frost damage and slowing them by 15% for 6 sec.
  • Gleaming Iron Stone Gleaming Iron Stone - Standing still for 3 seconds in combat steels yourself, absorbing 16,253 damage and increasing auto-attack damage by 305 for 25 sec.
  • Harmonic Music Stone Harmonic Music Stone - Entering combat increases the tertiary stats of you and 4 nearby allies by 364 for 8 sec.
  • Humming Arcane Stone Humming Arcane Stone - Dealing Magic damage has a chance to fire Arcane missiles for each Primordial Stone family you have equipped, each dealing 8,422 Arcane damage.
  • Indomitable Earth Stone Indomitable Earth Stone - Taking damage has a chance to shield yourself, absorbing 32,506 damage for 12 sec.
  • Necromantic Death Stone Necromantic Death Stone - Once every minute, moving near a corpse grants the Equip effects of the Desirous Blood, Cold Frost, and Pestilent Plague Stones for 25 sec. Already having one of these effects instead increases its effectiveness by 75%.
  • Obscure Pastel Stone Obscure Pastel Stone - Spells and abilities have a chance to cast a random Primordial Stone effect.
  • Pestilent Plague Stone Pestilent Plague Stone - Dealing damage has a chance to infect the target with a plague that spreads to nearby enemies, dealing 9,621 Nature damage over 9 sec.
  • Prodigious Sand Stone Prodigious Sand Stone - No effect.
  • Prophetic Twilight Stone Prophetic Twilight Stone - Damaging effects from your Primordial Stones trigger one of your healing effects, and vice versa.
  • Raging Magma Stone Raging Magma Stone - Absorbing damage has a chance to coat you in lava, causing melee attackers to take 2,406 Fire damage for 6 sec.
  • Searing Smokey Stone Searing Smokey Stone - Successful interrupts exhale smoke, dealing 6,875 Fire damage to enemies within a 8 yd cone in front of you.
  • Shining Obsidian Stone Shining Obsidian Stone - Gaining an absorb shield from a Primordial Stone erupts the ground, dealing 25,782 Physical damage split between enemies within 5 yd. Damage is increased for each enemy struck, up to 5 enemies.
  • Sparkling Mana Stone Sparkling Mana Stone - Frost effects from Primordial Stones restore 993 mana over 3 sec.
  • Storm Infused Stone Storm Infused Stone - Critically striking an enemy has a chance to shock them and 2 nearby enemies, dealing 9,300 Nature damage.
  • Swirling Mojo Stone Swirling Mojo Stone - Being near a dying creature saps a portion of their mojo, and eventually crystallizes it.
  • Wild Spirit Stone Wild Spirit Stone - Nature and healing effects from Primordial Stones restore 7,602 health of 5 nearby allies over 7 sec.
  • Wind Sculpted Stone Wind Sculpted Stone - Moving rallies the wind to your side, granting 93 Speed stacking up to 5 times.

How to Upgrade the Onyx Annulet?

The ring starts at Item Level 405, but you can upgrade socketed Primordial Stones with Unstable Elementium Unstable Elementium created by Jewelcrafters. Upgrading Primordial Stones increases the Item Level of your ring. The ring starts at Item Level 405 and can be upgraded to 424.

  • Rank 1 Primordial Stone Upgrade: Goes from Item Level 411 to 418.
  • Rank 2 Primordial Stone Upgrade: Goes from Item Level 418 to 424.

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I feel like...to a newer level 70 this could be BiS...but for a raider/M+ grinder, that ring could become irrelevant fairly quickly. I do like the perks and they seem fun.

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Yeah. For all the initial "WHY ARE THEY BRINGING BACK BORROWED POWER?!?!?!?!" outcry this basically just feels like Mechagon trinket 2.0. Cool, but not ultimate BiS forever.

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Uncommon Patron
2 hours ago, Dahaka99 said:

wont sacrifice my 2-3% haste and  2-3% mastery for this .

I think this is basically a catch up ring that gives casuals something to play with.

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2 hours ago, Dahaka99 said:

wont sacrifice my 2-3% haste and  2-3% mastery for this .

Idk a few of those stones seem like they could proc quite often, making them kinda like a trinket effect that has no cd and procs a handful of times a min. We all know how strong trinkets can be, my 411 ragefeather does like 7 to 9mil dmg in a run for like 10% of my dmg. I feel ya 100% on not wanting to give up haste especially. That storm infused seems pretty strong crits can cause up to 3 enemies to take almost 10k lightning dmg. Then the one that turns fire dmg into chaos, they made that gem for a reason most likely because it will scale with dh mastery which will prob double or even triple the dmg output from it.

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This is just something to help get alts caught up before season 2 takes off.  It's not Choregast, it's optional, and this has a better alternative of obtaining gems than domination shards in SL.  Just like the primal elemental storms; they are there, optional, and not required if wanting to gear an alt.

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So it's like Torghast, but shorter if I get this right. If this amulet helps a little, that's fine, but I'm not going to get invested into it, whether it's the most optimal or not.

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