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Rapid Fire Leveling Guide

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On 3/20/2023 at 5:43 AM, Guest Manu said:

what does the "3 Renown Points" part means?

It refers to the skill points you can get from the Renown system for exploring the first zone. Though I think there are only 2.

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Guest flEX

I switched Rain of Arrows for the Shadow Clone, more effective against bosses and due to the AoE of Shadow Imbuement you can already clear group of mobs easily once you make them vulnerable. Also Combo Points have the benefit of increased damage per point, which comes in very handy for Rapid Fire, taking it from ex. 800 per cast to 1800 damage dealt, and it fills up way faster than Inner Sight as you aren't locked to a single target to gain your bonus and it doesn't drain itself when you aren't in combat. Fun build though, probably my favorite range build for the Rogue, I dig the way the damage rotation works

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