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Update on Diablo 4 Beta Status: March 17th

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Blizzard have posted another update talking about the status of the current Diablo 4 Early Access Beta, listing some top priority issues the team is working on.

Blizzard LogoUpdate (Source)

Hello everyone -

We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to the Early Access Beta weekend. We love seeing the excitement about the story, music, art, gameplay, and more. These beta tests are important for the development process as we march toward the launch of Diablo IV in June and the reporting and feedback from players is invaluable.

Please see below an update on the situation regarding queues and some of the items the team is tracking and actively working on to resolve.

  • Players are sometimes unable to join a party with other players while in-game.
  • Players that are dropped from a game receive an error that their party does not exist.
  • Rubberbanding occurring with players while transitioning between zones.
  • High RAM and GPU usage occurring on select hardware.

While the team tackles these specific items and more, we are also managing the flow of players in-game via our queue. Many players have successfully logged in to the game, but we are aware that some have experienced longer than expected wait times. As we continue to rollout improvements to our server stability, we expect our players to see continued improvements to the queue time.

While the teams continue to work this evening and overnight, we will be providing additional updates throughout the evening when needed and no later than tomorrow morning (PDT) here on our forums.

Thank you again for helping us as we bring Diablo IV to the world.

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Well, I have been trying to get on since 9am pdt yesterday and still have yet to play and beta schmata we should at least be able to log on, wow #Diablo 2077 #Epic Fail.....oh look, ANORHER 2h4s wasted watching log in spin around with no wait time just "cued" for hors on end. #laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame

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No company ever, EVER learns to have backup servers for these situations, but nooooo, they want to save money. lol

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      We still have just under 2 days in the Diablo 4 open beta and by now many players have gotten to level 25 with at least one character, so it's definitely time to farm up some legendaries and get a taste of some proper buildcrafting! Luckily the Diablo 4 community has found some great farming spots, and we'll be taking a look at those today.
      First off there's the one everyone's probably heard about, the lone level 35 mob in the Beta, Osgar Reede, who can be farmed for high level gear by imprinting an aspect on it so it can be usable by us lowly level 25 peasants. He always drops his mace, which is great for Barbarians, but generally you want to get pretty much your whole gear set from him for the highest power level. You can find him here:

      Source: Jehl703.

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      Forsaken Quarry dungeon: high mob density and only kill requirement for boss entry (but you should still probably skip the boss). (Source.)
      Malnok Stronghold: there are three level 27 elites in the Stronghold event, however, you need to not complete the event to be able to clear them again when they respawn. Alternatively, clearing the Stronghold gives you access to a new dungeon, Anica's Claim, which is also good for elites, has plenty of shrines, and is also a pretty short run (2ish minutes). (Source.)
      Then there's the World Boss, but considering it's on a long timer it isn't really worth it. However, you can clear him several times per reset, if you're fast enough with your kills, by leaving the game after the kill and getting into a different instance after you come back. If you're only aiming for legendaries, the ultimate farming trick is to have a group and split up (if you have builds good enough to efficiently solo in multiplayer), as you don't have to pick legendaries up at all, as they all get sent to your stash if you don't. And so your party can just cover a lot of ground and head to town after a few clears to check what you got. You will miss all the rare items, but if you're getting them from Osgar the level 35 elite then you don't really need these anyway (but the gold farm aspect is basically gone).
      Hopefully this helps you to get some gear to get a better feel of some of the classes, as the Druid and Barbarian in particular are very legendary-dependent, and feel weak to play without either a few specific ones or a lot of general ones. You can always check out or class guides for some build ideas as well.
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