Looking for advice on my sub rogue.

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Hi all, I'd really appreciate any help here.

I seem to be under performing on my rogue and I swear I know what I am doing rotation and FW/cd management wise.  I know I should enchant my daggers and the bracers, but even without those there is a drastic difference from what sims and shadowcraft seem output.  I don't have a combat log link to show you guys (I apologize if that seems lazy) but my dps tops out at about 190k on the dummy and my last Garrosh fight, I could only manage to sustain just under 200k.

Again, thanks for any advice in advance.

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Enchant those weapons!


You seem to know how to audit your character through Shadowcraft, so there isn't anything I can tell you from that perspective. If I'm wrong and you're unsure of how to audit your gemming/reforging, let me know.


Beyond that it's tough to give you anything without logs. The highlights of the Subtlety playstyle are SnD, Rupture and Find Weakness. If your SnD and Rupture are anything less than 90% on a purely single target fight, then you have some refining to do. Find Weakness is harder to put a percentage to, but the way I tend to evaluate usage is the amount of overlap I see in the buff. If Find Weakness is being refreshed with seconds left, that means there are an equal amount of extra seconds in a fight without the buff. Sometimes the 4pc bonus will cause unintentional Find Weakness overlaps, but you don't appear to have that bonus so that excuse is gone.


You'll have to come back with some logs for more help, and without logs it will be hard to even help yourself.

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