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Forming group for fresh 10n/flex SoO weekly runs

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A family matter came up, so I won't be able to make the raid this week; it will be rescheduled for the middle of next week.


Hello! I am currently recruiting anyone interested in being part of a SoO 10n group I will be leading, and I currently need every role(Dps/Tank/Healer).


*This is going to be a flex 3 group this week, hopefully next week it'll be a 10n if enough people sign up.


This is not an elitist group.

I am not an elitist when it comes to raiding, and I won't have the group to be an elitest raiding group, either. This group is for people needing gear for their MS and OS, and for people to learn the fights if they don't know.


If you're interested in joining, post a comment that has your battle.net ID, the character you want to run in the group, and your preferred role.  If you list your battle.net ID, I'll send you a battle.net FR ingame for the raid on this upcoming Sunday.


Ventrilo is not required, but preferred. It makes it easier to explain raid mechanics of each boss in a timely manner, and to coordinate between the healers/tanks/dps throughout each fight. You do not have to have a mic for ventrilo, it is optional whether you want to talk or not, but you need to be able to listen through ventrilo to understand the fights/discussion.


**The maximum number of people in the flex group will be fourteen.


***If you have any questions regarding this, send me a PM.






Main Tank:


Off Tank:


1st Healer: Nuadria


2nd Healer:


(flex raid)3rd Healer:


Dps: Oranges


Dps: Aridas










(flex raid)Dps:


(flex raid)Dps:


(flex raid)Dps:

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I have both a tank (Vellena) and a ranged dps (Aridas) for flex runs (neither is geared enough for normals, working on that), and another ranged dps (Orthios) for normal raids (barring taking my own initiative and running raids on my own).

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