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Guardian: Help with CMs

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Hello. I'm a fairly newish guardian bear and I need all the help I can get with doing CMs.


Now, I'm not a new tank, I've tanked all throughout MoP as a monk and a warrior and completed 9/9 golds on both of those. I know which pulls are hardest and generally know what to do for them, except on my bear,


This is my druid. Yeah I know gear's not optimal.  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/area-52/Mahimahne/advanced


I get WASTED by the ghosts in Scarlet Monastery on the first boss. I know about the stacking buff they get, and on a monk, I can keep kiting/stun and with a warrior I can Shockwave. All I try to do on my bear is drop a Vortex and a Typhoon to help out, but I feel so squishy. I wasn't expecting that.


I suppose I can blow all my CDs, but the 6 pack next pull requires all my big ones too.


OH I run an agi flask with agi food. My trinket choices are abysmal too. I have the Soul Barrier. Should I use that?


Anyway, all and any tips are welcome.



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Hello, arisoh


I'm not a guardian druid, but I've struggled with PG challenges as a bear and have learnt a couple of things. First of all, kiting as a druid is quite easy. Depending on your group (wether you have melees or not) you can switch typhoon to entangling roots. Furthermore feel free to use stampeding roar as it is not your defense CD (unless you need it elsewhere). Next thing would be usage of symbiosis. In PG there's a monk, and it gives 10% dodge for 8 secs with 1 min cd. Thats a minor CD and pretty much it will 100% be open when you need it next. Barkskin goes into the same category. And as the ghosts get more damage as their stacks go up, their speed goes up as well. So you don't need to tank them more than 10 secs, maybe even less. In order to survive those 10 secs, just pop symbiosis (optional), Barkskin and use savage defense. Savage defense is your main ability that keeps you alive, but it requires a decent amount of rage.

How I think it should be done, you simply get in, use a couple of skills to build agro in the same time poping minor def cds, and then just put ursol's vortex and start kiting. 


Hope it helps you somehow. GL with your CM :)

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Gearing for CM's is a little different as a Druid, compared with what you do for raiding. As I'm sure you realize, everything is scaled down to the level of 463 blues, but your gems will work -- except for the legendary ones. So in general this is what you want to accomplish:


1) As many gem slots as possible - use a regular meta gem, either Agi or Stamina

2) Hit cap and expertise hard cap (15%), then stack Critical Strike

3) Wear a Ghost Iron Dragonling and a defensive trinket - Arielle at theincbear.com suggests Delicate Vial of the Sanguinaire

4) My preference is Colossus on the weapon, because in CM's the damage it mitigates will actually matter.

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