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One handed builds

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Hello, I have just started this season with D3 and have been enjoying playing with a Blood Nova Necromancer and it works well with my need for a 1 handed build.  I have Siphon Blood on left click, Blood Rush on right, Bone Armor on down wheel, potion on up wheel and that's about all I need .  I can reach for the keyboard as needed for things like enter when salvaging gear and bringing up the map but I don't have the dexterity in that arm to use it during intense combat (left arm elbow issue).

I wanted to branch out and try other builds and classes so I tried Demon Hunter at the suggestion of some people that the GoD build was very one hand friendly.  I can numlock which makes that build possible, Shadow Power on down wheel.  I have to use my left for shift for manual firing my primary which is kind of painful but otherwise it works well enough.

Anyone have suggestions of other viable builds that can work with a combination of left and right click, up and down wheel and numlock?  And if anyone has any clever suggestions for a better way to integrate shift for force stand still would also help.  Sorry for the complicated hurdles.  I wish I could combine something like a 3 button controller for my left hand with my mouse that would be light and could rest in my lap easily D:

Thank you!

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