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Looking for Garrosh heroic Tank+Raid Tipps

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our guild running for Garrosh heroic since 200+ pulls is struggling with some problems so i would appriciate getting some advise from here.


Strategy: 1Tank (Warrior or Paladin) + 2Heal (Sham+Priest)



1.Skipping Intermission 2 without BL

2.Getting 1 Emp. Whirl.


Having this summer lots of changes in our setup we couldn't guarantee a paladins purity for our Warriors. So i'm thinking about wether it is usefull dropping the Prots itemlevel by 1 or 2 points for th 4ps to get a stronger tank. I couldn't find some good maths about it but using Demo Shout with its reduced CD from the Vial would lead, especially in the phases with 8+ Stacks, into good results.


I'm pretty uncertain about wether i can solo Tank Garrosh with one of my Alts.


My Trinkets will be Vial 4/4 Flex + Rook nhc wf or Curse of Hybris 0/4 Flex.



We didn't managed after round about 10 well executed #1 Emp.Whirls to skip the #2. These tries ended during the whirl while the Tankdebuff drops.

So i'm thinking if it'll be better to 2 Tank the Boss, skip the Intermission 2 (with BL i guess), execute the #1 Whirl and kite the adds from #2.

We don't really know what to do to increase our DPS. 2 Heals+Hunter are dropping the Weapons, we nearly don't move the Boss. We also tried to take the normal Whirl #3 with Garrosh on ~11% to push him nearly to 0% while goind to P4.


Don't look at the tries after #8, pls ;)




So is it wise for us to aim for reaching P4 without Bloodlust? Or should we do 2 Tank while not being able to skip Emp. Whirl #2? Lot's of people say 1 Tank is the only and easiest way to go, but .. is it worth it when we would be able to skip Intermission2 with 2Tanks? I don't get it.







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Definitely don't get the 4p. It is not worth the loss in stats. The 2p is excellent though.


For trinkets, don't use Rook's. The only places you'll see any benefit from Rook's are if you're standing in Annihilate in intermissions and during Whirling. Annihilates are avoidable and Whirling isn't a big issue for tanks. Curse of Hubris will let you get more rage for more SBars during high damage phases.


I'm not 100% certain about what you mean by "phase 4," but I assume you mean the final phase, where he goes to Stormwind. If that's the case, don't bother saving Bloodlust. Your success in that phase depends entirely on kiting the iron star and dealing with Malice correctly. Bloodlust isn't going to save you if your raid doesn't execute mechanics correctly.


From there, if you can reliably push to the final phase with one Empowered Whirling, then one tank. If you can't, two tank.

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We finally executed him on Tuesday.


Perhaps it will be helpfull for the ones who want to do it in this last ID pre 6.0, so i gonna link our Log and explain out strategy.




1 Tank (Paladin)

2 Heal (Disc+Rsham with DPS-Cloak - usual trinket-use to be able to compensate mistakes)


With our Raid-DPS we were able to get only 1 Engineer. Also we push him to 10% while he whirls the 3rd time without using BL. Once he went to the middle we use BL + DPS-CDS to bring Garosh to 30-32% after he heals himself the second time. We killed the adds from Empowered Whirl #1 and didn't get another one.

In the final phase we dealt normally with the malices 1-3 and the 4th should be soaked by our Mage an Hunter, but actually we did it the normal way and get another star which our rogue kited away from us.



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