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[WoD] Learning Feral

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@Paloro, when trying to learn feral (ON BETA), I saw that there was a perk for 100% dmg increase on Rake while stealth, but shred has the 35% damage increase and the double crit strike chance.


My question is, What better to cast at the start of a fight? Shred or Rake? During Incarnation?


Also what are your thoughts on the lvl 100 talents?


Next: opener, is it the same mainly from MoP? or is it different?


This is all viewed from a level 100 standpoint. 

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I'm working on a How to Feral post right now that should answer all of these questions.  


But real quick:

Rake for opener

Rake during Incarnation unless you will overwrite a stronger Rake (not 100% sure on this yet)


The opener will change a bit since things are getting merged.  The glyph of SR will allow you to start with a buffed Rake, however in theory, we should be re-applying Rip on the 2nd set of cp's since you will have a charge of BT.

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