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Legendary Hunter Control Krush

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I'd like to know if Krush would be a viable option for this meta. If yes, I'd really like to see some deck suggestions of a control Hunter with Krush in it. Please! ^^ A beast deck ofc! :D

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I am always a viable option for this meta!


The meta is undeniably leaning heavily towards control, which makes big swings in the late game such as King Krush more valuable. Hunter is a tough one right now because they've been running the same aggro/midrange style deck for so long that control really isn't part of the class at this point.


A control hunter sounds like an interesting challenge, but my initial thought is that they don't have the same calibur of control class cards that the other heroes do. Still worth a try!

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I'm going to test this deck when I get home because I'm finding the idea of a control hunter interesting: http://www.hearthhead.com/deckbuilder#cMMA7Mm47zoG7MkJ7Ms27Ma67Mfh7Mi07Mht7zuA7MIm7MIN7MIJ7znm7Mna7Mtt7zgT8c


It's not cheap, and it might be terrible. Stay tuned.

I don't know what it is about this season, but I couldn't seem to get past the second star in rank 20. Until this deck. Lolz. I'm playing this deck minus The Black Knight and King Krush (neither of which I have). So far, I'm circling around rank 13, coming up to 16 and venturing back towards 13 again. This deck isn't half bad. It actually does quite well against all decks (and particularly well against locks of any flavor). My current weakness is Pally (I lose 4 out of 5 battles against any kind). 


I can't wait to see what kind of power this deck will have when I actually have King Krush. I'm looking forward to it. :)

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