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DW DK - Cant get my DPS right

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Hi chaps,


I am playing DW (using the Masterfrost rotation, so no Oblit or SR) and my armory is this:


I am feeling that I am underperforming when compared to DKs with similar ilvl with me. I know that I am way over hit cap but unfortunately for the time being I cannot do anything about it. I tried going through my logs and compare it to other peoples to see what I am doing wrong but I havent got to any descent conclusions. An example of a fight is this one:


Also I use my DPS cooldowns (Pillar of Frost, Blood Fury, Raise Dead, Synapse Springs) on CD. Sould I wait for Trinket procs to use them, or this is the best way of using them?




Any help would be much appreciated

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