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fury warrior stat priority and enchant not consistant

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12 hours ago, GullyFoyle said:

FW has stat priority of strength then haste, but advises that enchant for mastery

Haste and Mastery are both prime stats for Fury, but while Mastery has a fairly consistent value, Haste goes up and down depending on how much of it you have at the time, though because of this you probably don't want to continually re-enchant or gem your gear every time you change something (this is a very common trap to fall into, where you end up constantly changing back and forth for single digit gains and loses - Dragonflight's weapon runes are a much better way of managing this when needed). Haste's value also fluctuates depending on the type of content/damage pattern (single target, multitarget, burst), whereas again Mastery is very consistent.

So they're both important.

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