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Sub Rogue PvE stats

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So ive been looking over sub rogue stats for pve and how to reforge over noxxic and icy-veins for a while now and it has made me think of one question. why cant sub rogues reforge mastery? currently the stats go like this haste>crit>mastery. haste has 2 benefits for us. it gives us more energy regen and melee haste. this is both good to sustain our dps but i really believe that more melee haste would be better than a small amount of energy regen we get from haste rating. currently my mastery is at 60% while i reforge mastery and that gives me a 60% bonus to finisher damage as well as SnD meaning that SnD has a 64% increased melee haste and attack speed. anyone have any comment on this? i was hoping at least one person would see this and agree

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Unfortunately we can't really trust our feelings when it comes to stat weights in terms of potential single target DPS over time. It is a purely objective mathematical venture, and the theorycrafters have done their tests and published their findings through tools like Shadowcraft and Ask Mr. Robot.


Your mindset is important though, because we are not always interested in potential single target DPS over time. PvP is the most obvious example, where you generally have a very short window in which to pump out damage. The value of haste lowers dramatically when an encounter is that short, making mastery and crit more valuable. To take a PvE example, say your group was working on Heroic Siegecrafter and the main source of trouble was putting out enough damage on the belts to destroy the proper gadget. Similar to the PvP situation, the value of haste goes down and the value of crit/mastery go up.


Through all of this, it's important to remember just how little secondary stat tweaking affects rogues at this point in time. There have been instances in the past where secondary stats played a larger role (i.e. the end of ICC when 100% armor penetration or 100% crit rating were possible), but at the moment, reforging plays a very small role in potential DPS. The new patch is coming though, and who knows what will happen with the new stats.

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You're kind of correct, OP.


Haste > Crit > Mastery is more ideal at a lower gear level, but once the passive crit from gear reaches around 40-45%, you can take Haste > Mastery > Crit as your stat priorities and get a lot better damage out of Evis


I still have to run and / or see numbers for WoD, but I know that the Devs are trying to make Multistrike the main stat for Sub Rogues. It provides a different approach to playing the class, especially with the Bleeds ticking down faster with MS hits. Other than MS though, I don't know what the other stat focuses will be for Sub - I assume Haste will remain popular though

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