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[US Kel'Thuzad][A] WoD Mythic - Adult Raiding for Normal Humans

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What we are about;


*         Relaxed, stress free raiding

*         Killing raid bosses using skill and tactics, not slavish commitment

*         Personal accountability

*         Putting real life ahead of WoW

*         Bonding with guildies over beers and vent

*         Bullet points

*         Canadians (not a requirement though)


What we are NOT about


*         Finger pointing, blame laying

*         16 hour raid weeks, marathon wipe sessions

*         Guilt trips over missed raids

*         Attacks on guildies or borderline behavior

*         Anonymity, silent raiders

*         Paragraphs




Tues -- 5:30pm PST // 8:30pm EST -- 2.5 hours

Thurs -- 5:30pm PST // 8:30pm EST -- 2.5 hours

Sat -- Noon PST // 3pm EST -- 3 hours



Mythic Progression will be during Saturday's raid.  Weekdays will remain farm until Mythic progression has been made at which point mythic farm will move to Thursday.


Updated with class requirements:


Healing Priest -- Need 1 ASAP

Warlocks -- Yes please!





*         Formed pre-MoP with the primary goal of making WoW buddies and reliving that old school feeling of knowing the people we play WoW with.

*         Turns out people who also were looking for a guild like this are actually pretty great players; enjoyed serious raiding progression on 5 hour raid weeks.

*         MoP-burn-out hiatus began March, progression was at 8 / 14 heroic SoO

*         Interested in fleshing out our 15ish man roster to 25 or so


The Pitch


We want chill adults who know how to play wow, know how to play their toons, but aren't crazy.  People who don't need constant attention, but enjoy and take pride in their characters progression and being part of a close knit team.


If this is you then you should contact me, we should chat.  This could be the last guild you ever join.


Add me on real ID --   Trinks#1866

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