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Some Rough Sims for 6.0 DK DPS

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I'm starting to do some more serious planning now for what I can do on my frost DK to really stand out as a Mythic SoO dps. There is a lot more homogeny between DPS and tank gear now, so if you have 2 sets of gear going, it's likely you will have a lot of different gearing options when 6.0 hits in a week. And you may need to look into some different gemming option also. So here are some rough numbers from some sim's I've done.


All of these are T16H on a patchwerk fight, single target:


DW Frost - 13574.9 dps


Stat Weights

Str -           1.00

MH DPS -  0.93

Haste -       0.86

Mastery -   0.67

Crit -          0.54

OH DPS -  0.43



2H Frost - 13355.8 dps


Stat Weights

MH DPS - 1.78

Str -          1.00

Haste -      0.87

Crit -          0.61

Mastery -  0.57



Unholy - 12859.2 dps


Stat Weights

Str -           1.00

MH DPS -  0.80

Mastery -   0.79

Haste -      0.71

Crit -          0.63



So what does this all mean? This is all based purely on simcraft, not on actual logs so everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. DW and 2H frost should be pratically identical dps wise on single target, and while unholy is slightly behind, it is still by a very small amount. 700dps is less than 5%, and honestly there's probably that much margin for error in the sims at this point.


Due to passive haste nerfs, haste has become very important for both frost specs, so if you want to maximize your dps in 6.0 you'll want to switch all of your gems to haste for either frost spec, and find your gear that has the most haste after the stat squish.


For unholy Mastery is going to be best, but it's fairly even with haste, crit falls a bit behind though.


I didn't sim multistrike or versatility because they are both very rare to find on level 90 gear.

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I'm seeing much different results than you are while simming my own character, and looking at the reports that were recently posted to simcraft's index.


Haste is still simming the worst stat for me, even post-6.0 while using my own character. 


I'll post more information when I get home.

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That's weird, I'm using the latest simcraft build, and the default T16H profile for each spec.


also there's no way 20k+ for mages is right, Level 100 beta sims, and logs show most classes around 25-30k with gear. that would mean a level 90 mage could almost be competitive with a level 100.

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Well, sims are sims. Coming into MoP rogue was simming higher DPS than 90s in MSV gear, but it didn't turn out that way. With the changes to Frost and Unholy, I couldn't imagine that Unholy would drop below Frost. Even before 6.0 drops Unholy is much better single target and relies less on haste than Frost. My results on PTR and Beta have also been Unholy over both Frost sub-specs. I'm using the latest profile from http://downloads.simulationcraft.org/?C=M;O=D and my results are as follows.


Unholy - 15979


Str 1.00

Mast .79

Haste .69

Crit .67


2h Frost - 15030

Str 1.00

Haste .72

Crit .64

Mast .40


DW Frost - 15402

Str 1.00

Mast .85

Haste .80

Crit .74


Didn't check weapon damage because I just wanted to see what the normalized stats were. 


Edit: Also worth noting that I ran 100k iterations.

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