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6.0 gear changes. DPS to Tank

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I am planning on switching from DW frost to tank for WoD. With the removal of parry and dodge in 6.0, will I be able to effectively tank in SoO in my mastery Dps gear? I realize that I will need a 2H weapon and my dps cloak won't proc.

Note: I took a pretty long break from raiding that lasted pretty much the length of MoP, but I still have an ilvl of 548.

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Crit is an effective stat for DK tanks also now. Crit now gives parry (as opposed to riposte which made parry give crit). and mastery is still our primary tanking stat.


You'll want to wear as much mastery/crit gear as you can find. all of my tank rings and necks became mastery/armor, but I don't think bonus armor will be a huge deal as long as you have mastery/crit pieces instead.


and a little bit of haste here and there is never a huge problem, it will at least give you a little bit more rune regen.

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