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Blizz current approach to MM Hunter

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Hey there,

I just saw the patch notes for 10.1 and what they said about hunters in general an especially about the mm spec. And there is one thing that really grinds my gears: Will MM Hunters remain a decent but very squishy damage dealer or would you say that there are intentions to make them, at least for pve, a bit more robust. I mean the prior changes to Rejuvenating Wind were indeed helpful. But sometimes I still get the feeling that even if I play nearly perfect my survivability still sucks. This is not meant to complain or anything but sometimes I'm a little jealous of other classes' damage avoidance.

Kind regards 

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I'm more concerned about the fact that we seem to be required to spec either exclusively for single target DPS or exclusively for AOE DPS, if we wanna min/max properly. To the point where the single-target spec doesn't have a single AOE ability. Glaives don't really count.

Another issue is how braindead the meta single target build is. The one thing that always made hunters stand out, the Focus generation, is gone. 

This is absurd. 

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