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[WoD][Mistweaver] Fistweaving dummy numbers.

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Here are some logs I did with Suplift on a target dummy on Beta.  Basically we were testing different versions of Fistweaving and how much healing/damage each one did.


Basically we did 4 test 2 with Pool of Mists, 2 with Chi Explosion, each one with crackling jade or no crackling jade.  He used 2 potions for each (he messed up on Crackling / Chi explosion) and tried to do the best fistweaving rotation he could do.


Here are the results for it:




You can look at the log for further healing / damage numbers.



We also noticed if he would have moved on top of the healing dummies every time he did a Chi Explosion, it probably would have resulted in more HPS.


Please note this is just a "preview" of an almost ideal situation how a mistweaver would perform while fistweaving at level 100. These numbers, IMO, would actually be a bit higher or lower depending on how much healing your raid actually needed, how stacked they were, and how much your Mastery Orbs are being used.


In general, fistweaving looks good if we can perform these kind of healing numbers with no overhealing.  Its good raid healing utility on top of damage, but it does nothing to save someone life. It just helps your raid not get to 0 HP.

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Biggest thing of note here. The pool of mists rotation is rng due to a lack of MS. From t18 onwards, this talent will gain a considerable dps/hps boost. When we hit 100% MS (which isn't very hard due to tiger strikes). Using CJL is not very taxing (so long as you don't use it overly) using PoM.


I should say this now. CJL is more of a later xpac spell. When we're more limited by how much chi we can generate in a gcd, rather than mana. You should always use Power Strikes when you plan on fistweaving. 


For Chi Explosion. This spell should only be used if you plan on sitting in crane stance for the entire fight, and need slightly more healing. Chi explosion is extremely limited by mana. 


That being said, in most raiding situations you should always take PoM. Due to it's utility in stance dancing. Considering we'll be stance dancing quite a bit when we get our 4pc. 

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