Blood DK going into WoD

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Since we are heading into WoD in a couple days i was wondering if i should prioritize Crit or Mastery. Also what should i do as far as Versaility and armor?


Right now i am rolling an avoidance build in HM progression and i seem to like it and do better overall tanking but i do have some agro issues when it comes to large aoe groups, mainly trash. 





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Dodge is gone now completely as far as I can tell, but Parry is actually still in the game, just not as a stat on armor. Crit gives us parry now. for 6.0 the best tanking gear is going to be Mastery/Crit gear. Most SoO tank necks and rings have bonus armor now. The only trinket that changed was Iron Juggernauts focusing crystal which now has bonus armor and life leech.


I haven't actually sim'd to see where versatility and bonus armor fit in right now, but since you'll only get bonus armor on rings, neck, and possibly 1 trinket. I'd just use it if you have it, and don't worry about it if you don't. Versatility isn't on any gear that's currently available as far as I know, unless maybe they put it on some of the UBRS 550 pieces.


Almost all of my tank gear became mastery/crit, so you shouldn't have too much to worry about. there's a good chance you'll basically be best in slot whether you want to prioritize crit or mastery.

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