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Diablo 4 Server Slam: Known Issues List

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Blizzard has posted a known issues list for the upcoming Diablo 4 Server Slam that starts later today.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

The Diablo IV Server Slam is available for all users beginning May 12 12PM PDT and ends on May 14 12pm PDT. The below are known issues with the build that players should be aware of. These issues will be addressed for launch.

All Platform Known Issues


Adding one additional issue for consoles this afternoon regarding friend invites on both Xbox and PlayStation and a workaround.

  • There is an issue where players on Xbox and PlayStation can not receive friend requests in-game. The workaround for users on these platforms is to accept the friend invite on the Battle.net mobile app or client on PC. Once you do this, the friend will immediately appear on your friends list in-game on Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Player progression can be blocked in the Lost Archives Dungeon if the player attempts to interact with the mechanical boxes prior to killing both Demonic Vanguard enemies. Players should make sure to kill the Demonic Vanguard enemies first in the dungeon prior to interacting with the boxes.
  • Animus Carriers that die to dungeon traps do not drop animus which will result in certain dungeons being blocked from progression. Affected dungeons include Hallowed Osuary, Dead Man’s Dredge and Anicas Claim.
  • Players that change Speech Locale in the initial prologue of the game must wait for the entire package to finish downloading before they can proceed.
  • While using a controller, the Sorcerer’s basic ability cannot destroy destructibles. This will only affect the player until they level up and earn their first ability.
  • Ravens ability on the Druid will cause passive ravens to stop spawning if the player town portals back to town.
  • Poison Creeper ability on the Druid will no longer attack after town portaling back to town.
  • The damage portion of the Druid’s ‘Perfect Storm’ key stone passive does not function properly.
  • Rabies ability on the Druid does not consistently trigger against larger enemies.
  • Druid and Necromancer can at times look brighter than intended on the inventory screen while daylight in-game.
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      While you may not be able to solo the boss yourself, you can definitely find more players to help. You can also check out the boss spawn times here as there’s only around two more days left to get that exclusive mount trophy!
      Wudjio even got a mention by Diablo 4 Community Manager PezRadar!
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      If you’re looking to defeat Ashava during the Diablo 4 Server Slam to earn the Beta-exclusive mount trophy, here you will find the exact spawn times for the world boss.
      Where Does Ashava Spawn?
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      Saturday, May 13th 10AM | 1PM | 4PM | 7PM | 10PM Sunday, May 14th 1AM | 4AM | 7AM | 10AM Central Daylight Time [CDT] UTC-5
      Saturday, May 13th 11AM | 2PM | 5PM | 8PM | 11PM Sunday, May 14th 2AM | 5AM | 8AM | 11AM Eastern Daylight Time [EDT] UTC-4
      Saturday, May 13th 12PM | 3PM | 6PM | 9PM Sunday, May 14th 12AM | 3 AM | 6AM | 9AM | 12PM Greenwich Mean Time [GMT] UTC+0
      Saturday, May 13th 4PM | 7PM | 10PM Sunday, May 14th 1AM | 4AM | 7AM | 10AM | 1PM | 4PM China Standard Time [CST] UTC+8
      Sunday, May 14th 12AM | 3 AM | 6AM | 9AM | 12PM | 3PM | 6PM | 9PM Monday, May 15th 12AM Japan Standard Time [JST] UTC+9
      Sunday, May 14th 1AM | 4AM | 7AM | 10AM | 1PM | 4PM | 7PM | 10PM Monday, May 15th 1AM (Source)
      And here’s a look at what the exclusive Server Slam mount trophy looks like:
      Placeholder for tweet 1649129626751361024
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