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Blizzard Announces Hardcore Classic

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Blizzard today announced Hardcore Classic with more details to be unveiled in the near future.

Today is a great day for Hardcore players, as they will no longer need to rely on add-ons because Hardcore gameplay will now be officially supported by Blizzard.

We will of course have a dedicated guide section for Hardcore. Stay tuned for more information!

Blizzard Logo(Source)

As Senior Game Producer Aggrend just confirmed on the Hardcore All-Stars stream, we’ve been working to bring official Hardcore Classic gameplay to WoW Classic. We’ve been very energized by the community’s enthusiasm for Hardcore, watching along with you, and doing a lot of Hardcore play ourselves.

We’ll let you know much more about it soon!

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Would be nice if when you die, you could transfer that char to a normal realm.
I know the spirit is "Die = Delete", but.. ..  I... - maybe I will stick to normal servers. 😹

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Hard pass for me; this type of game play holds no enthusiasm or enjoyment.  I get the 'thrill' of it but not my cup of tea.  

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    • By Staff
      Blizzard have decided to open a new RP-PvP realm in Season of Discovery, Chaos Bolt, for both US and EU players, as well as increase population caps for existing ones. 
      New Realm (Source)
      As we’ve gradually increased the population caps on all Season of Discovery realms over the last three hours, it has become clear that interest in playing on the RP-PvP ruleset is high enough to justify an additional realm.
      Please encourage your friends to join you on the Chaos Bolt realm for a roleplaying war with the other faction! We’ll see you there.
    • By Staff
      Season of Discovery is now live and here's Blizzard's official blog post for the update covering its main features like Rune Engraving.
      In case you've missed it, we have a new Season of Discovery guide section on our site and we cover the specific guides in the following post.
      Season of Discovery is now live for World of Warcraft® Classic! The time has come to gather your friends, create a new character, and scour the lands of Azeroth to discover class-altering abilities, new endgame activities, and a new Rune Engraving system.
      This Season brings an initial level cap of 25 and a new level-25 endgame, including a 10-player Blackfathom Deeps raid with new mechanics, new and reimagined bosses to challenge player tactics and strategies, and fresh rewards.
      What's in Store
      Discover Your Playstyle
      Hidden throughout Azeroth are special runes waiting to be discovered. These runes can augment player characters in new and exciting ways by providing access to abilities not available in WoW Classic. Some runes will be in plain sight, others will be tucked away, and a few will require teamwork to access.
      Freedom to Experiment
      Rune engraving will allow players to apply and remove abilities at will as they experiment with different builds to create a truly unique play experience.
      A New Approach to Endgame
      Season of Discovery will start with an initial level cap of 25. Over time, the cap will incrementally increase to offer a more progressive endgame experience that will shift with each level band as new abilities become available for players during level-up.
      Classic Dungeons Reimagined
      Each phase's level cap will provide new content for players to experience, starting with the level 25 Blackfathom Deeps 10-player raid: formerly a level-up 5-player dungeon, it has been reworked with redesigned boss encounters to offer exciting challenges that will put players' builds to the test.
      Put Your Builds and Skills to the Test
      For players more interested in testing their builds and skills against others, there will be an outdoor PvP event in Ashenvale. Additionally, the Honor system and Battlegrounds will be available from day one.
      Realms of Adventure Await
      We've expanded the capacity of our realms for Season of Discovery to support more players. As a part of the initial launch, players may still experience some queues. We will be monitoring realm health and populations should additional realms be needed.
      PvP realms, in particular, have been designed to maintain faction balance as they grow. To help maintain a regular balance between the factions, creating new characters in a more dominant faction may be temporarily limited on a specific realm until a closer equilibrium is reestablished. Please note that enforced faction balance and temporary character creation limitations will only be limited to PvP realms and will not affect PvE realms.
      Getting Into Season of Discovery
      To begin your new adventure, download and install the Battle.net desktop app. Access to Season of Discovery is available to all players with an active World of Warcraft subscription—no additional purchase is required. Players can subscribe by visiting the Battle.net Shop.
      Open the Battle.net desktop app and select World of Warcraft from the game selection menu. It may need to update itself if you haven't run it recently. Select World of Warcraft Classic. You'll see a second dropdown for Account if you have more than one World of Warcraft account and select the active account you wish to play on (first-time adventurers or those looking for a fresh start will need to create a new Battle.net account. Click the Install button. You'll see an installation progress bar showing you when the installation is available to play. Once the installation is complete, click the Play button. Select the Season of Discovery realm you want to play on, which will be identified in the Realm Selection tabs along with Classic and Hardcore. Select Create New Character to choose your faction, class, and race, then customize your character and name them. For the best experience, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date—for the current system requirements for PC and Mac, visit our support page.
      Learn more about what's next for the Season of Discovery in our latest WoWCast. We look forward to seeing what new adventures you undertake this Season!
    • By Staff
      Blizzard provided more details about PvP Rank Caps in Season of Discovery.
      At Level 25, the cap will be rank 3. The current plan is to increase the cap with each new phase so the rank will cap at 9 for the first few weeks of level 60. Thereafter, they plan to increase the rank cap every few weeks along with the release of Level 60 content such as BWL, finally reaching rank 14 with the opening of AQ.
      To answer a question we’ve seen from players who are planning to focus on ranking up in Season of Discovery — we’re adding caps to the rank you can achieve during each phase. We want to enable everyone to push rank at a reasonable pace without worrying about rushing to earn highly lucrative PvP rewards.
      To start in the first phase of Season of Discovery, at level 25, the cap will be rank 3. Our current plan is to then increase the cap with each new phase, so that rank will cap at 9 for the first few weeks of level 60. Thereafter, we’re planning to increase the rank cap every few weeks along with the release of level 60 content such as Blackwing Lair, finally reaching rank 14 with the opening of The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.
      We’re looking forward to seeing the PvP action in Season of Discovery!
    • By Staff
      The latest WoWCast episode is dedicated to the Season of Discovery and here are the highlights.
      Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield and Lead Software Engineer Nora Valletta discuss the new update made since BlizzCon based on feedback.
      Season of Discovery introduces a new twist on WoW Classic focusing on exploration. Players can explore new class abilities and roles like healing with a Mage or tanking as a Rogue or Warlock. At level 2, you'll receive a quest to discover a rune. There are 12 runes per class in the 1-25 leveling bracket. The next level band after Level 25 will be Level 40. The new raid will be Gnomeregan. An iconic zone for leveling in the 25-40 range for PvP is Stranglethorn Vale, so it is a good candidate for a new PvP event. After Season of Discovery, they want players to preserve their characters. They don't have concrete plans to share right now. During internal playtesting there was Rogue rune that gave them a knockback, but it was bugged, so it knocked them into orbit. (Source)
      Join Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield, Lead Software Engineer Nora Valletta, and host Bethany Stout as they cast the spotlight on a curious new twist on World of Warcraft® Classic, Season of Discovery, and what players can look forward to on their adventures throughout Azeroth, including a peek at the upcoming raid, Gnomeregan, along with some humorous behind-the-scenes stories.
    • By Staff
      Season of Discovery is going live today and we'd like to take the time to highlight our guides for the update!
      Even though Season of Discovery remains shrouded in mystery until launch, our team has prepared some general and class guides for you to check out!
      Season of Discovery General Guides
      Our Season of Discovery hub covers all the features coming in the update. Rune Engraving is what makes Season of Discovery exciting, allowing all classes to find and unlock abilities that were previously never available. Check out our Dungeons Overview to find out about the dungeons available at launch. To find out how your spec performs, you can check out our DPS Tier List, Tank Tier List or Healer Tear List. Season of Discovery Class Guides
      The initial level cap is 25 in Season of Discovery and the cap will increase in later phases. Our Season of Discovery guides section contains the following class guides:
      Balance Druid DPS Guide Feral Druid DPS Guide Feral Druid Tank Guide Restoration Druid Healer Guide Hunter Melee DPS Guide Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Guide Marksmanship Hunter DPS Guide Survival Hunter DPS Guide Arcane Mage DPS Guide Arcane Mage Healer Guide Fire Mage DPS Guide Frost Mage DPS Guide Holy Paladin Healer Guide Protection Paladin Tank Guide Retribution Paladin DPS Guide Discipline Priest Healer Guide Shadow Priest DPS Guide Holy Priest Healer Guide Assassination Rogue DPS Guide Combat Rogue DPS Guide Combat Rogue Tank Guide Subtlety Rogue DPS Guide Elemental Shaman DPS Guide Enhancement Shaman DPS Guide Enhancement Shaman Tank Guide Restoration Shaman Healer Guide Affliction Warlock DPS Guide Demonology Warlock DPS Guide Demonology Warlock Tank Guide Destruction Warlock DPS Guide Arms Warrior DPS Guide Fury Warrior DPS Guide Protection Warrior Tank Guide
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