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Dragonflight 10.1 Weekly Hotfix Summary: May 15th - 21st

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We're taking a look at all the hotfixes that have arrived during the past 7 days, as Season 2 of Dragonflight enters its third week! We had a class tuning pass, a LOT of Mythic+ and raid tuning as well (with Brackenhide Hollow and Halls of Infusion getting the most attention), with plenty of achievement, item, quest fixes on top of all that!

Blizzard LogoWeekly Hotfix Summary (Source)



  • Death Knight
    • Frost
      • [With weekly restarts] All ability damage increased by 3%.
      • [With weekly restarts] Obliterate damage increased by 5%.
      • [With weekly restarts] Frost Strike damage increased by 6%.
      • [With weekly restarts] Howling Blast damage increased by 6%.
      • [With weekly restarts] Remorseless Winter damage increased by 8%.
      • [With weekly restarts] Frost Fever damage increased by 12%.
  • Demon Hunter
    • Havoc
      • [With weekly restarts] Chaos Strike/Annihilation damage increased by 10%.
      • [With weekly restarts] First Blood (Talent) damage bonus to first enemy struck increased to 95% (was 75%).
      • [With weekly restarts] Inner Demon (Talent) damage increased by 30%.
    • Vengeance
      • Fixed an issue that prevented Fiery Brand’s damage reduction effect from applying to its primary target.
  • Druid
    • Balance
      • [With weekly restarts] Vault of the Incarnates (4) Set bonus tuning: Entering Eclipse makes your next Starsurge or Starfall cost 10 less Astral Power (was 5) and deal 25% increased damage (was 20%).
    • Restoration
      • Rejuvenation now costs 11% base mana (was 12%).
  • Evoker
    • Devastation
      • Fixed an issue causing Pyre to fail to deal damage if the target moved out of line of sight after the spell was cast.
  • Hunter
    • Beast Mastery
      • [With weekly restarts] Aberrus (4) Set bonus cooldown reduction for Bestial Wrath increased to 2 seconds (was 1 second).
      • [With weekly restarts] Kill Cleave now strikes nearby enemies for 80% of the damage (was 60%).
      • [With weekly restarts] Beast Cleave now causes your pet to strike nearby targets for 40/80% of the damage (was 35/75%).
  • Mage
    • Frost
      • [With weekly restarts] All ability damage increased by 4%.
  • Paladin
    • Holy
      • Fixed an issue causing Holy Prism to sometimes fail to grant Holy Power despite having the class 4-Set equipped.
    • Protection
      • Fixed an issue where Gift of the Golden Val'kyr would not correctly extend the duration of Guardian of Ancient Kings when overridden by Glyph of the Queen .
      • Removed the increase to auto-attack range from Crusader's Reprieve for Protection only.
        • Developers’ notes: This was causing clarity issues with stationary bosses, where a player might be able to attack the boss while the boss thought the player was out of range.
  • Shaman
    • Elemental
      • [With weekly restarts] All ability damage increased by 2%.
      • [With weekly restarts] Vault of the Incarnates (2) set bonus now grants 3% damage, stacking 3 times (was 5%, stacking up to 5 times).
  • Warlock
    • Affliction
      • [With weekly restarts] All ability damage done increased by 3%
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Imp Gang Bosses would not spawn on Magmorax’s platform.
    • Destruction
      • Fixed an issue where Channel Demonfire would not be usable after being resurrected before Immolate expires.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Fixed an issue that, in many cases, prevented Flightstones from dropping Normal and Heroic dungeons and bosses in Aberrus on all difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing too many Bonus Flightstones to be awarded when a player in the group increases their M+ rating.
  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
    • Fixed an issue where some Voracious Magma Worms could not be attacked.
    • Colossal Draconic Golem no longer has a visible ‘True Sight’ aura but retains its ability to detect invisible units.
    • Rashok, the Elder
      • Fixed an issue where Rashok can sometime not jump to target player's location during Searing Slam.
    • The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn
      • [With weekly restarts] Fixed an issue that would cause Zskarn’s ability use to be inconsistent.
      • [With weekly restarts] Fixed an issue causing Blast Wave to knock back pets.
          • Magmorax
            • Magma Puddles are no longer affected by Spirit of Redemption.
          • Echo of Neltharion
            • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck with Sundered Reality during phase 3 of the encounter.
          • Scalecommander Sarkareth
            • Players are now unable to be struck by Motes of Oblivion for a short duration after leaving the Emptiness Between Stars.
        • Mythic+
          • Brackenhide Hollow

            • Claw Fighter’s Vicious Clawmangle inflicts damage less often.
            • Toxic Trap damage reduced by 25%.
            • Ragestorm has a range indicator visual.
            • Brackenhide Gnolls no longer trigger Mythic Keystone affix effects on death.
            • Fixed an issue that caused Shoot used by Rotbow Gnolls to inflict more damage than intended.
            • Rotbow stalker’s Scented Meat periodic damage reduced by 25%.
            • Rotbow stalker’s Scented Meat impact damage reduced by 30%.
            • Treemouth
              • Treemouth’s health reduced by 10%.
              • Grasping Vines casting animation has been updated to better indicate that a player should stand in the area on Mythic+ difficulty.
              • Increased the cooldown of Grasping Vines and Consume.
              • Treemouth no longer moves or casts spells while consuming a player.
              • The draw in effect of Grasping Vines has been reduced.
              • Gushing Ooze cast time increased to 2.5 seconds (was 2 seconds).
            • Trickclaw’s Warband
              • Updated the visual indicator for Savage Charge.
            • Gutshot
              • Fixed an issue that could cause the encounter to reset if Gutshot wasn’t attacked for long periods of time.
          • Freehold
            • Blacktooth Knuckleduster’s Shattering Bellow damage reduced by 10%.
          • Halls of Infusion

            • Containment Apparatus’ Containment Beam damage reduced by 15%.
            • Falling through the pipes of the Auxiliary Drainage increases movement and swim speed by 200% until entering combat.
            • Crashing Tsunami damage reduced by 20%.
            • Crashing Tsunami move 20% slower.
            • The initial area indicator for Crashing Tsunami spawns better matches its area of effect.
            • The safe spot provided by pillars in the Infusion Chamber extends further behind the pillar.
            • Refreshing Tides is now interruptible.
            • Falling through the pipes of the Auxiliary Drainage increases movement and swim speed by 200% until entering combat.
            • Glacial Proto-Dragon’s Deep Chill periodic damage reduced by 20%.
            • Containment Apparatus health reduced by 10%.
            • Limited Immortality is now properly cleared from players when starting a new mythic keystone.
            • Fixed an issue where Khajin the Unyielding’s Hailstorm, Gulping Goliath’s Overpowering Croak, and Primal Tsunami’s Tempest’s Fury could target player pets.
          • Neltharion’s Lair

            • Mightstone Breakers’ Avalanche now has a visual to indicate the impact area.
            • Vileshard Crawlers no longer trigger on-death affix effects.
            • Fixed an issue where Dargrul’s Crystal Spikes could target player pets.
            • Dargrul the Underking
              • Flame Gout occurs every 5 seconds (was 3 seconds).
              • Flame Gout damage reduced by 15%.
              • Magmabreaker damage reduced by 15%.
            • Ularogg
              • Fixed an issue that caused Falling Debris to strike players multiple times.
          • Neltharus

            • Fixed an issue where Forgemaster Gorek’s Forgestorm, Forgemaster Gorek’s Blazing Eruption, Forgemaster Gorek’s Blazing Hammer, and Magmatusk’s Magma Eruption could target player pets.
            • Qalashi Warden should no longer using Blazing Slash simultaneously.
            • Warlord Sargha
              • Breaking the Magma Shield within 2 seconds of it being cast will no longer cause Dragon’s Eruption to continue throughout the fight.
              • Reduced the total number of Dragon Eruptions during Magma Shield.
              • Warlord Sargha no longer generates energy while under the effects of Backdraft.
          • The Underrot

            • Fixed an issue where Crawmaw the Infested’s Tantrum, Sporecaller Zancha’s Festering Harvest, Living Rot’s Foul Sludge, and Blood Tick’s Blood Burst could target player pets.
          • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
            • Bromach
              • Shocking Quake damage reduced by 20%.
            • Sentinel Talondras
              • Earthen Shards prefers not to target the same player with consecutive casts.
          • Vortex Pinnacle

            • Slipstreams that spawn after defeating Ertan and Altairus now grant players 100% movement speed until enter entering combat.
            • Fixed an issue where Minister of Air’s Overload Grounding Field could target player pets.
            • Asaad, Caliph of Zephyrs
              • Improved the precast visual effects Static Cling.
            • Altairus
              • Biting Cold damage reduced by 25%.
              • Twisting Winds damage reduced by 25%.

        Enemies and NPCs

        • Class set items sold by Norzko the Proud can now be refunded after purchase.
        • Fixed an issue where Forgemasters at Suffusion Camps could get stuck evading.

        Items and Rewards

        • Fixed an issue where Ominous Chromatic Essence Ominous Chromatic Essence can forget the player’s chosen alignment in certain conditions.
        • Fixed an issue where Draconic Mark of Mastery Draconic Mark of Mastery was not awarded upon unlocking Dragonflight Season 2 Master while in a Mythic+ instance.
        • Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood now sheathes closer to the center of the player’s back.
        • After logging out and back in, off-hand items will now correctly count towards a character/account’s peak (used to determine the threshold for upgrade discounts) on off-hand items (including shields) for Paladins and Shaman.


        • Ottuks and Aurelids are now properly classified by their movement types when filtering mounts in the Mount Journal.

        Player versus Player

        • Classes
          • Death Knight
            • Frost
              • Developers’ notes: Frost Death Knights have been on our radar as underperforming, but still effective in the right situations. We’re reducing their burst damage alongside their game-wide damage increases with the goal of a healthier overall damage profile.
              • [With weekly restarts] Pillar of Frost now increases Strength by 15% in PvP Combat (was 25%).
            • Unholy
              • Developers’ notes: We’ve been monitoring our changes to Reanimation and have felt its damage is too high relative to how much control Death Knight’s have over enemies’ positioning.
              • [With weekly restarts] Reanimation’s explosion now deals 15% of the targets health in Shadow damage (was 20%).
              • [With weekly restarts] Allied players can no longer see the explosion ring visual for Reanimation.
              • [With weekly restarts] Reanimation’s stun debuff is now using the correct spell icon.
          • Demon Hunter
            • Havoc
              • Developers’ notes: Our goal with Rain from Above is for it to have situational offensive and defensive usage. With recent increases to its damage, we’re seeing it used for offense more often than intended, so we’re bringing its damage down.
              • [With weekly restarts] Rain from Above (PvP Talent) Fel Lance damage reduced to 8% of target’s max health (was 10%).
          • Mage
            • Fire
              • Fixed a bug that caused Ignite to deal increased damage when spread while using the Glass Cannon PvP Talent.
              • Fixed an issue that caused Glass Cannon to not increase the damage of Ignite.
            • Frost
              • Fixed an issue that caused Frost Bomb to not grant a charge of Flurry when dispelled.
          • Monk
            • [With weekly restarts] Strength of Spirit now increases the healing of Expel Harm by up to 50% based on your missing health in PvP Combat (was 100%).
            • Windwalker
              • Developers’ notes: Expel Harm’s healing was dramatically increased with Season 2. We’re happy with the base healing of the spell, but modifiers from Reverse Harm and Strength of Spirit are making it more powerful than we intended.
              • [With weekly restarts] Reverse Harm now increases the healing done by Expel Harm by 30% (was 60%).
          • Priest
            • Holy
              • Developers’ notes: Holy Priests have continued to underperform in PvP, so we’re buffing several of their primary healing spells.
              • [With weekly restarts] Renew healing increased by 34% in PvP Combat (was 22%).
              • [With weekly restarts] Flash Heal healing increased by 52% in PvP Combat (was 40%).
              • [With weekly restarts] Heal healing increased by 57% in PvP Combat (was 43%).
              • [With weekly restarts] Holy Word: Sanctify healing increased by 10% in PvP Combat.
              • [With weekly restarts] Holy Word: Serenity healing increased by 25% in PvP Combat (was 15%).
          • Shaman
            • Enhancement, Elemental
            • Developers’ notes: The healing contribution from Earth Shield for the hybrid Shaman specs is above our target in PvP after recent buffs to the spell.
            • [With weekly restarts] Earth Shield healing reduced by 30% in PvP Combat for Enhancement and Elemental.
          • Warlock
            • [With weekly restarts] Call Observer now has 8% of the Warlock’s health (down from 20%).
            • Destruction
              • Developers’ notes: Destruction’s sustained DPS in PvP especially with instant casts is higher than we’d like. We feel Chaos Bolt is in a good state, so we’re targeting other areas of the kit to bring down their DPS.
              • [With weekly restarts] Incinerate damage reduced by 10% in PvP Combat.
              • [With weekly restarts] Shadowburn damage increased by 45% in PvP Combat (was 65%).
          • Warrior
            • Arms
              • Developers’ notes: We feel Arms Warrior’s burst window has been more effective than we would like in PvP. We’re shifting their damage profile slightly to increase their consistent pressure but decrease their burst damage.
              • [With weekly restarts] Sharpen Blade cooldown increased to 30 seconds and duration decreased by 2 seconds.
              • [With weekly restarts] Skullsplitter now causes expired bleeds to deal 65% damage (was 100%) in PvP Combat.
              • [With weekly restarts] Deep Wounds damage increased by 15% in PvP Combat.
              • [With weekly restarts] Rend no longer deals 15% reduced damage in PvP Combat.
              • [With weekly restarts] Fueled by Violence now heals for 70% (was 85%) of damage dealt by Deep Wounds in PvP Combat.


        • Mining/Herbalism
        • The quest “Power Unified” should now only consume one Spark of Shadowflame upon completion and reward 2.


        • Fixed an issue where Fyrakk would not appear during Fyrakk Assaults despite the Fyrakk’s Fury bar being full.
        • Fixed an issue which could cause players in the to not get credit for killing Captain Reykal during “Researchers Under Fire.”
        • Fixed an issue causing the progress bar for “Glimmerfish Before It’s Gone” to not appear.
        • Fixed an error where the world event “Researchers Under Fire" was not switching objectives correctly on the weekly reset.
        • Developers’ notes: This fixes a bug that was preventing the Researchers Under Fire event from rotating to the Zaqali Ruin Investigation. It should now be taking players to the Molten Overflow for the remainder of this reset period. The event will rotate each week between the Titan Lockdown and Zaqali Ruin Investigation areas.
        • Reputation gains from Zaralek Cavern will now be correctly boosted by the Sign of the Emissary from the ongoing World Quest event.
        • “I Need… a Tailor” will no longer consume all Vibrant Wildercloth Bolts in a player’s inventory on turn-in.

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        10 hours ago, Starym said:


        • Affliction
          • [With weekly restarts] All ability damage done increased by 100%


        :D :D :D

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        1 hour ago, Prophet001 said:


        😄 😄 😄

        A simple 97% rounding error! 😄

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