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A List of the Easiest 300 Mounts to Get in WoW

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So this is a pretty specific list for those of you wanting to get into mount collecting. Cakeninja69 put together the sources for the first 300 mounts you should get if you aren't looking for anything in particular, and just want to get started on the road to... well LOTS of mounts. The list is Horde-focused, but a lot of the mounts are not faction specific.

Why on earth would you want that many mounts, you may be asking yourself? Well, a lot of players just like to collect them in general and even get high numbers or even ALL of them. But then there's also the mounts warded from having lots of mounts, including the relatively newly added 500 mount one.

Whatever the reason, Cakeninja69 listed where the 300 easiest ones to get come from - but you'll still need to actually look up things from the list below. Here we go and big thanks to Cakeninja69!

Hi All,

I have been playing WoW off and on since WOTL and after scouring the internet and YouTube for mount guides, no one has done a succinct list or guide on how to get from 0-300 mounts.

The goal of the list was to have the drop rates be as close to 100% as possible or easily farmable/obtainable.

I made a list that includes closer to 350 mounts as sometimes a mount will drop along the way.

I just wanted you guys to look at it and let me know what you think and if there are any substitutes anywhere along the list or any one that I should add.


55 55 Racial Mounts

56 1 50 mounts

67 11 Mei Francis

69 2 Kun Lai Yaks (1 extra for 120k)

73 4 Guild Mounts

74 1 Reins of the Bronze Drake

75 1 Heirloom mount

76 1 Amani Battle Bear

80 4 Temple of Ahn'Qiraq

83 3 Dark Moon Fair

90 7 Mark of Honor

91 1 Prestigious Courser

92 1 Elusive Emerald Hawkstrider

93 1 Pond Nettle

95 2 Hearthstone Mounts

96 1 Venomhide Ravasaur

97 1 Reins of Poseidus

98 1 Vashj'ir Sea Horse

100 2 Brown & Tan Riding Camel

101 1 Drake of the North Wind

102 1 Vitreous Stone Drake

110 8 Kurenai/Maghar

111 1 100 Mounts Mount

117 6 Netherwing

122 5 Sha'tari Skyguard

123 1 Cenurian Expedition

125 2 Black Drake & Twilight Drake

127 2 Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10/25)

129 2 Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10/25)

131 2 Sons of Hodir

132 1 Wyrmrest Accord -Rep

137 5 Easy Argent mounts 7 harder mounts (+1 paladin )

138 1 Green Drake Egg

139 1 Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

140 1 Glory of the Cataclysm Raider

141 1 The Molten Front Offensive

142 1 Glory of the Firelands Raider

143 1 Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider

145 2 Tol Barad Daily (60 Days)

148 3 Primal Egg Raptors

149 1 Bone-White Raptor 3 more from Zandalari Direhorns

152 3 Order of the Cloud Serpent

155 3 Golden Lotus

158 3 Shado-Pan

161 3 The Tillers

162 1 Disc Of the Flying Red Cloud

163 1 The Anglers

164 1 Shaohao Rep

165 1 Onyx Cloud Serpent

166 1 August Cloud Serpent

167 1 Amber Scorpion

168 1 Grand Armored Wyvern

169 1 Crimson Primal Direhorn

170 1 Thundering August Serpent

171 1 Pandaren Kite String (added)

171 1 150 Mounts

172 1 Glory of the Pandaria Hero

173 1 Glory of the Pandaria Raider

174 1 Glory of the Thundering Raider

175 1 Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider

183 8 Stable Mounts

189 6 WoD World Rare Spawns

191 2 Coal Fist Gronnling, Garn Nighthowl

192 1 Wild Goretusk Honored -StaberStalkers

193 1 Bristling Hellboar Exhalted -StaberStalkers

194 1 Corrupted Dreadwing

195 1 Mosshide River Wallow 50k gold and 5k apexis

196 1 RockTusk Battleboar

197 1 Witherhide Cliffstomper

198 1 Steamwheedle Preservation mount

199 1 Riding Turtle (from WoD fishing area)

200 1 Glory of the Draenor Hero

201 1 Glory of the Draenor Raider

202 1 Glory of the Hellfire Raider

208 6 Argussian Reach

209 1 Bleakhoof Ruin Strider

213 4 Fel-Spotted Egg Mounts (5 Rare Mounts in Argus)

214 1 200 Mounts

215 1 Vulpera

216 1 Maghar Orcs

217 1 High Tauren

218 1 Zandalari Troll

219 1 Arcanist Manasaber (added)

219 1 Fanthom Dweller

220 1 Nazjatar Blood Worm

221 1 Riddlers Mind Worm

222 1 Glory of the Legion Raider

223 1 Glory of the Legion Hero

224 1 Glory of the Argus Raider

225 1 Ratstallion

226 1 Brinedeep Bottom Feeder

227 1 Legion Class Hall mount 2 more if paladion

229 2 Voldunai Mounts

230 1 Talanji Expedition

232 2 Zandalari Expedition

241 9 Island Expedition Mounts

247 6 Night Fae

252 5 Venthyr

257 5 Necrolords

262 5 Kyrian

263 1 250 Mounts

268 5 Torghast Mounts

269 1 Slime Serpent

270 1 Swift Gloomhoof

271 1 Shimmermist Runner

272 1 Spinemaw Gladchewer

273 1 Arboreal Gulper

274 1 Wildseed Cradle

275 1 Silky Shimmermoth

276 1 Silverwind Larion

277 1 Sundancer

278 1 Umbral Slythehorn

279 1 Spring Fur Alpaca

280 1 Blanchy's Reins

281 1 Magmashell

282 1 Lizzi

283 1 Slumbering World Snail

284 1 Stormhide Salamander

285 1 Tempermental Skyclaw

286 1 Zenet Hatchling

287 1 Ring or Necklace Ottuk Mount

288 1 Gooeysnailimental

289 1 Noble Bruffalon

290 1 Mossy Mammoth

294 4 Rep Ottuk

AH Mounts           

295 1 Flying Carpet 5-8k

296 1 Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent 10-15k

297 1 Mechanohog 15-20k

298 1 Xiwyllag ATV 20-25k

299 1 Skygolem 20-25k 12

300 1 Steelbound Devourer 25-30k

304 4 Ruby, Jade, Sapphire, Sunstone Panther 30-40k

305 1 Sandstone Drake 30-80k

306 1 Mecha Mogul MK2 80-100k

307 1 Captured Dune Scavenger 50-150k

308 1 Terrified Pack Mule 50-150k

309 1 Tamed Bloodfeaster 50-150k

312 1 Goldenmane 50-150k

313 1 Onyx Jeweled Panther 100-150k

Expensive mounts            

311 1   Lightforged Warframe (plus exhalted)    500k        

314 3   Marshhoppers    333k    (each)  

315 1   Pale Direhorn (no rep)  500k

Edit: Added Arcanist Manasaber, replaced the double Heirloom chopper with the Pond Nettle, added in Pandaren Ambassador (since if you are doing all of the other reps it takes about 1:30 hours to get.


I made a guide on the easiest mounts to obtain to get to 300 mounts
by u/Cakeninja69 in wow
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