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A question about 2HF rotation in 6.0.2

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Right, so read up on Destiny softworks and Icy Veins that I'm supposed to save runes for KM procs nowadays. Haven't been able to test my DPS yet, with the buff that dummies received, but during the 20- sec that I DPS'd Celestials I only did around 6k in 564 gear. 


So, on to the question, how much do I save the runes? Am I cool as long as there are some runes regenerating, as in only using Obliterate without KM when ALL of my runes are capped, and no regeneration is happening? Say, do I only use Obliterate once, so that I use 1UH and 1 Frost rune, and then just hold my remaining 2Death and 1UH and 1Frost runes for KM procs?




http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/alakir/M%C3%ADldor/simple My character for anyone interested.

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You definitely always want your runes to be regenerating, so don't save any more than 1 set of runes. Unfortunately because of how death runes are used last, right from the start your first 2 obliterates are going to use UH and Frost and leave you with a matched pair of death runes that won't regen.


In my testing I noticed that frost strike isn't as big of a loss with a KM proc as it used to be, and other's have said the same also. so really as long as you keep some RP for a frost strike, then you should be fine. The main point is don't expect to spam everything as fast as you can, because you'll definitely run into some 2-3 second patches where you can't do anything if you play too spammy. 

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