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MYTHIC SoO Tuning and Preparation

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Alright, so my gang of 20 went into Mythic last night.  Aside from server errors, disconnects, bad addons, and some growing pains going from 10 man to 20, here's what we observed.


Immerseus - feels like he has too much HP, but encounter is easier.  Debuff from hitting him after adds come out disappears almost simultaneously (just burst boss).


Protectors - feels like their HP was high.  Our normal kill times as 10 man were sub 4 minutes - last night was 5:30.  Everything felt super low in damage especially Calamity.  The focus add from He's mini-phase wrecked - don't hold onto that dude too long.


Norushen - REALLY undertuned.  By the time I sent my 14 DPS down, the boss was at 25%.  Adds were EVERYWHERE because they died super fast, too.  This gave the tanks no ability to taunt as their taunts were on CD.  We had a few aggro deaths.  I would heavily suggest picking your top 8 DPS and sending them down 2x2.  Send people down until 50% and then don't send more people.  Bloodlust at 30% - dude melts.


Sha of Pride - this one felt really weird.  We weren't sure how many Prisons we'd get or how many adds.  You will get THREE Corrupted Fragments.  These should melt relatively quickly.  I got ported in the first time and it spun me around and put me right into a wall and killed me.  Similar stuff happened to the other two people.  Just focus when you get put inside.  You'll get FOUR prisons.  Make absolutely sure you have people in position for Prisons.  There will be ONE giant add in the back, just like 10 man.  He melts relatively quickly.  Swelling Pride does little damage. 


Galakras - super easy.  He melted SUPER FAST with Bloodlust.  Damage over the whole encounter felt super light.


Iron Juggernaut - damage is moderate here.  Make sure you're standing in some kind of healing circle during his Siege Phase.  You'll be taking 10k per tick and it hurts.  Focus on surviving during Shock Pulses and everything else flows ok.


Dark Shamans - this one felt super undertuned.  Falling Ash tickled.  Slimes melted.  Iron Prisons only come out 2 at a time, so it's super easy to deal with.  Boss HP felt high - we normally don't make a full lap with Kardris but last night we made two laps. 


Nazgrim - no changes.  Nazgrim melted HARD.  Watch for the 10% additional wave of adds - we got a timed set of adds and the bonus 10% wave.  I called for a hard switch to adds in fear we'd wipe.  My gang blew them up then finished the boss.  Just watch for that timing.


Malkorok - You'll get EIGHT puddles if I was counting correctly last night.  It's either SIX or EIGHT - pretty sure EIGHT.  You'll want 12 ranged and healers - set them up at each hour as if Malkorok's room was a clock.  Put healers at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00 and sprinkle ranged in between.  We solo tanked with a Guardian Druid.  The CDs were threw on her were overkill - she didn't come close to dying.


Spoils - lots of bugs going on where trash will port in during Spoils encounter.  Also, we had some goofy things going on with mobs dealing lethal damage, much too high post squish.  I assigned myself and a Hunter to sparks and sparks were a bit of a problem.  I would suggest 3 ranged DPS per side to handle Sparks.  If a Spark blows up, it does a TON of damage. 


Thok - super undertuned.  We sent this overgrown lizard 65M years back in time.  I had our 20 man cooldowns lined up and I didn't see anyone dropping below 70% at all ever.  Healers were super bored.  We used 2 Resto Shamans (probably the reason why), Resto Druid, Holy Paladin, and a Disc Priest.  Boss died shortly after entering his 3rd Shout Phase. 


Siegecrafter - super OVERTUNED SHREDDERS.  Holy shit, our tanks used to destroy these before the 2nd Overload - last night, we were getting 4-5 Overloads.  We didn't beat this encounter last night which was frustrating considering we've one shot it for the past 5 months.  Shredders need nerfed.  In the case that they don't get nerfed, we'll need to do what some other groups did last night and have ranged DPS swap when the Shredders do Death From Above.  Nothing else felt bad.  Belt DPS requirements were SUPER LOW.  Our two Hunters, although they're awesome, had very little trouble handling belts by themselves.  That helped us keep 18 people on the platform which melted the boss (20% by Wave 4).  If we can get Shredders killed before 4th Overload, we'll have no problems.  Overload was 60% of our damage taken last night.


We didn't get to Paragons or Garrosh, but based on some reading and some friends, watch out for Paragons with the Fire Lines - apparently they wreck.  Also, Garrosh is reportedly OVERTUNED in that groups that used to deal with 1 Engineer in Phase 1 and skip Transition 2 are now dealing with 2 Engineers and only getting Garrosh to 35% before Transition 2 (10% is needed to push). 


All in all, raid up until Siegecrafter felt very relaxed with my gang.  DPS order on Skada was interesting to see - our resident Warrior Ragebar was owning stuff.  Rogues were doing exceptionally well.  Demonology Warlocks were at the top of each fight.  Hunters aren't as bad as Sims say - Niix and Fortyz were able to push some real damage, so don't bench your Hunters just yet. 

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Looking at Warcraftlog rankings for kills, Mal'Ganis, who had many 14/14H guilds, only managed to get 3 to kill Paragons last night.  Only 3 killed Siegecrafter while 7 killed Thok.  Of the 3 kills on SC, guilds had between 3 and 12 deaths, so shit is pretty tough.  No one has killed Garrosh on Mal'Ganis yet.  There are only 80 people in US/EU who have killed Garrosh, so only 4 guilds.  It's a REALLY tough fight at this point with all kill timers coming in over 12:30.

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Damage for almost everything seemed to be a joke last night until Seigecrafter add overloads. We can definitely 3 heal everything up to that point, and if a guild wanted to go for fast kill times some fights could probably even be 2 healed.


DK dps is also looking really strong right now. I started out the night with my dps set 4-5 ilvl lower than most of the raid and was pretty much middle of the pack for dps most of the time, While I don't think I'd ever catch up with Ragebar's OP warrior-ness, DK should easily be the fourth heightest dps after Warriors, Mages, and Warlocks at equal ilvl. I got super lucky and upgraded 3 of 5 pieces that were really holding me back, and I've done a little bit more theory crafting based on actual logs, so I'm excited to see how my dps goes tonight.

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