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Death Strike heal OP?

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Does anyone else feel that the heal we recieve from death strike is way too large? While running the new UBRS last night. I purposely let my health drop below 10%, hit death tike and was instantly at full health.

I don't want to see DKs get nerfed, but god damn it takes the fun out of tanking when Im always at max health.

Note: ilvl 548, no tanking trinkets and using a ToT weapon. HP is around 97k.

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It does seem a little bit overpowered right now mostly because of the stat squish. at ilvl 580 it doesn't seem to be too much different from before. but since there is less difference between 580 and 550 ilvl now it probably seems like 550 got a boost.


I'm hoping to tank in Warlords, so hopefully it's still a little bit OP at level 100, then at least we can start the first tier strong.

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