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Gems and socket bonus 6.0

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I've been reading most of the new class/specc guides on Icy-veins, and what i've noticed is that for most dps speccs it seems that agi, str and int is less disired than secondary stats (mast, haste, crit).

So i was wondering it would be better to gem for pure gems in all sockets and ignoring the socket bonuses.

For example for all hunter speccs it seems that yellow and blue gems is pure crit (rigid and smooth gems) and for red it's haste + crit (accurate imperial amathyst). But since my chest piece socket bonus is 11 agi and has 3 red sockets. Wouldn't it be better to just put pure crit gems in and get 60 crit, instead of getting 30 crit, 30 haste and 11 agi? or am i wrong?

The same thing applies to all socket bonus' except the head piece, where the socket bonus is +4 agi/str/int pr. 1 socket. and if 2 secondary stats is better than 1 primary, wouldn't it be better to gem for secondary only?

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It would depend on the actual stat weights. Haste and Agi aren't completely useless, so 10 Crit + 10 haste + 4 agi is probably better than 20 crit, but I can't find hunter stat weights anywhere. I just spent 15 minutes googling and going through forums looking for them, and nobody has actual weights. If you want to give me a link to your armory though I could probably just sim some results based on your actual character. 

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