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Bleed Refreshing vs. Bleed Scaling

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Hello...I'm kinda new to Feral and I was wondering something.  I noticed that we are supposed to refresh our bleeds whenever certain buffs go out to get a stronger application.  Why don't bleeds just auto-scale for buffs?  Is it impossible for Blizzard to make this less complicated by auto-scaling bleeds?  I see there's a WeakAuras script that lets you track your bleeds and refresh them when it's possible to make them stronger.  Wouldn't this be completely unnecessary if bleeds just auto-scaled?

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Bleeds only snapshot from your personal buffs (Tiger's Fury, Savage Roar, Blood Talons @100). 


Trinket procs, potions or any other temporary buff dynamically update bleed damage.


The spec would have zero depth if everything was dynamically updated.

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