Great job on the D3 content so far IV!

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I just stumbled on your Demon Hunter guide after coming here to catch up on WoW 6.0. Such a refreshing style of concise, usable information.  I especially appreciated the per-slot stat priorities and follower suggestions, both too often overlooked. And double bonus points for not assuming every player somehow starts out with every set piece and every other legendary to choose from.


If you're looking for any suggestions on future articles, here's two topics I'd love to see get the Icy Veins treatment:


1. What's the best way to determine the current optimal difficulty level (normal - T6) for any given character?


2. Of the various activities and play styles, are some much more "productive" than others? I.e. solo vs group, kill/break everything vs. selective kills and race to goal, focus on certain specific farming areas or be open to a wider range, etc. How do the smartest level 70s at various progression levels spend their time?


Whether on these or any other topics, I'll be interested to see what you write next. I'm glad you're in the D3 business!







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In my few weeks of playing D3, my answer to you questions would be:


1. Optimal difficulty levels:

Level 1-60 = Expert

Level 61-69= Master

Level 70 = Start at Torment 1, when the enemies gets very easy to kill, you can increase the torment level.


If you have played the previous Diablo games, or similar games like Titan Quest, starting at Expert difficulty will be no problem.

What I experienced was: on Normal you one-shot most enemies, and on Hard you two-shot them. Expert makes the game more enjoyable.

You will notice when increasing the difficulty, it will also increase Exp gains and drop rates, so if you already have a max level character with a high enough Paragon level, you can increase the difficulty just for the increased Exp/Drop rate.


Haven't experimented enough on the solo-vs-group/clear-vs-hunt play styles for a correct answer. 

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Thanks for the feedback, guys!

We're hearing you and we have all these guides in the pipeline: how to gear up when you reach level 70, how to determine the most efficient difficulty to farm, how to farm bounties efficiently, etc., etc.

Now that 6.0.2 is behind, we're going to try and finish Crusader and maybe another class before wrapping up WoD guides (Garrisons + Raids), and then we'll finish with D3.

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I'm really hoping another D3 expansion is announced at Blizzcon. They did some awesome stuff with 2.1, but I'm already bored with the content. a few more acts would be awesome.


Great guides though. My main's been a witch doctor since D3 came out, but I'm going to use the guides to try a DH or Wizard.

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