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10 Haste + 10 Mastery

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Haste after the 11% cap is more valuable than crit after the ~45% cap.


Haste to 11 > Crit to ~45 > Mastery > More Haste > More Crit

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I didn't say that.

My question is:


Why I take mastery/haste gem in a red socket to get Bonus(eg 4 Haste) and not mastery only (no socket Bonus) if i'm at >6% Haste / >45% Crit?

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I was actually wondering the same thing realbufu. I'm trying pure mastery gemming for next week since you're basically swimming in stats at this point being near the ilvl cap. I see no reason to go for socket bonuses at this point, especially the strength ones. Mastery is so valuable at this point I see no reason not to.

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There's no reason not to take the socket bonuses. Even after the haste & crit caps, the stat weights are close enough that you're not losing much, if at all, by grabbing the socket bonuses.


Mastery isn't as valuable as you make it sound. Even with my >25% haste and >50% crit setup, Mastery is only about 10% better than the other 2 stats for me.

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It'll be interesting to see. I do have a hard-on for mastery at the moment and could be completely wrong, regardless, it'll be hard to know the difference between last week and this week with the nerf hammer coming down soon.

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ragebarr, ..25% haste  ? Who ever played fury with haste ?! Im just curious. How you menaged to build 25% haste while mr.robot calcualte 11% ? Can you provide the dps difference between 45-50crit/60mastery and 25haste/..

Yesterday I hit 11k on Garrosh hc (normal) with 10%haste(raid buff)/45%crit(no crit buff)/55%mastery(no raid buff)

Fury 571 [unquenchable thirst] [bloodbath]

No offence dear, thanks for your attention <3

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Welcome to WoD. Haste is a good stat now.


DPS won't vary that much because of your stats now. I know my setup isn't optimal, and I was still pulling 20-22k all night during my raid Tuesday.


Just get to the caps, get more mastery after that if you can, and make sure you follow the rotation.

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