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Hi I noticed that my beloved mouseover macros for Shadowburn and Havoc don't work any longer since 6.02 went life. Is there a change in how the macro has to be written or is it just a bug?


I use it like this:

  • #showtooltip Havoc
  • /cast [@mouseover,harm] Havoc; [harm] Havoc

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This still works and should accomplish just what you were doing:


#showtooltip Havoc

/cast [@mouseover,harm] [] Havoc


#showtooltip Shadowburn

/cast [@mouseover,harm] [] Shadowburn


You do not need the semi colon if it is the same spell, you can just put your conditions in order of precedence.


The ones I actually use are:



/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [@focus,harm,nodead] [] Havoc



/cleartarget [@mouseover,harm,nodead]

/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead] [] Shadowburn

/targetlasttarget [@mouseover,harm,nodead]


That way on fights where I am always cleaving on to the boss I can just set the boss as focus and don't even have to mouseover.


Either way works, same concept, just preference, and showing chaining of conditionals on a single spell. biggrin.png

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