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Weird elemental mastery

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Hi, after the patch i'm seeing my mastery in 140+% when according to my armory it should be around 63% 
I don't know if it's just some ingame error but i've also seen my dps considerably lower than ele shamans in my ilvl. My rotation is just what is suggested on this side. i'll try to get some logs tonight or tomorrow but maybe it's something related to that mastery issue. Thanks.

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I think its just the armory taking a while to update. Mine also says 63% and says 211% in game. The armory also isn't showing gems etc. either and crit is only base level (5%) so it's a work in progress I think.


As for your dps: try and get the cloak and meta and also your 2-set bonus for T16. I'm not sure about the 4-set though, might not be worth getting in favour of Ordos warforged things. Other than that work on your rotation and opening sequence, gl ;)

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